The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Lead foot
Client: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Brief: Remind drivers that police speed patrols in urban areas are
becoming more commonplace and widespread
Creative agency: Tombras Group, Knoxville, Tennesee
Writer: Nick Vagott
Art director: Brian Potter
Media agency: Tombras Group
Media planner: Guy Jacobson
Production company: Saville Productions
Director: Rupert Wainwright
Editor: Scott Philbrook
Post-production: Fluid
Audio Post-production: Fluid
Exposure: National TV, cable


A motorist pays the price for having a right foot made of lead in a new campaign warning speeding drivers across the US that the police are targeting them.

The campaign, launched by the National Highway Traffic Road Safety Administration, coincides with new figures showing US road deaths have reached their lowest level in five years.

In the 30-second spot, "lead foot" is a walking disaster. He makes holes in the pavement, shatters a fire hydrant on which he ties his shoelace and kicks a child's football over a roof. His behaviour is no different in his car - until a policeman pulls him over and issues him with a speeding ticket. A voiceover warns: "Got a lead foot? Better lighten up."

Project: Child abuse
Client: Hameeda Lakho, founder, Hidden Violence
Brief: Encourage people to take action if they suspect child abuse is
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, The Netherlands
Writer/art director: Magnus Olsson
Planner: Robert Essenstam
Media agency: n/a
Media planners: Anne Bando, Eva Cortenbach
Photographer: Beeldschoon
Exposure: Outdoor and national magazines


A national campaign imploring people to report incidents of suspected child abuse has broken in The Netherlands with advertising that warns: "If you see something, say something."

Saatchi & Saatchi, which has won a number of awards for its NSPCC work in the UK, has produced the print campaign through its Amsterdam office. Each ad features images of child abuse disguised beneath a mass of scribbles.

The Dutch parliament agreed in February 2005 to ban parents from smacking their children in a bid to combat child abuse.

However, an estimated 100,000 Dutch children still suffer violence each year, and 50 die as a result. It is also estimated that two out of three people remain silent when they suspect child abuse. The new campaign refers them to a website where they can get advice.

Project: Excitement
Clients: Nicolas Cabrera, Sharon Scheepers, marketing executives, eBay
Brief: Remind new and existing members that shopping on eBay is a
thrilling experience
Creative agency: WhybinTBWA\Tequila, Sydney
Writers/art directors: Garry Horner, Matt Kemsley
Media agency: Total
Media planner: Match Integration
Production company: 8 Films
Director: Brendan Williams
Post-production: Post Modern
Exposure: National TV, cinema


A girl speeds down a bobsleigh run in a supermarket trolley in a campaign aimed at convincing Australians that shopping on eBay is an exciting experience.

The 60-second spot, produced by WhybinTBWA\Tequila in Sydney, is part of the first integrated campaign to be launched by the online auction site under the theme "make shopping exciting".

Shot entirely on location in Canada, the commercial features hundreds of people converging on the bobsleigh run to cheer on the girl as she experiences her exhilarating ride.

"The idea is based on a simple truth that, compared with everyday retail and most other online retail, eBay is a far more exciting and stimulating experience," Paul Bradbury, the agency's general manager, said.

The television work is being supported by online, press and outdoor activity.

Project: Pure Hanna
Client: Universal Music
Brief: Launch the Pure Hanna album
Creative agency: Dommo Creative Center
Writer: Axel Samaniego
Art director: Berta Pascual
Media agency: Dommo Creative Center
Media planner: n/s
Retouching: Beatriz Rojo
Exposure: National press


Universal Music is using national press advertising in Spain to promote the debut album of Hanna, presenting her as a singer who is difficult to pigeonhole.

Pure Hanna is a mixture of pop, hip-hop, flamenco and reggae, and the advertising aims to reflect this through a fusion of many different images.

The Madrid agency Dommo Creative Center, which produced the campaign, said the idea was to present the singer as not just one person, but a combination of many. Born in a tough district of Madrid, the 22-year-old artist has been described as having a "sandpaper voice" and sounding as if she's just smoked an entire packet of cigarettes.