The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Anti-litter campaign
Clients: Michael Sands, corporate communications manager; Hugh Coughlan,
senior executive officer, Dublin City Council
Brief: Challenge the way people think about littering
Creative agency: Publicis QMP
Writer: Eugene Ruane
Art director: Anton McClelland
Media agency: MediaVest Dublin
Media planner: Gemma Corbett
Production company: HANraHAN London
Director: David Edwards
Editor: Andy McGraw, Cut & Run
Post-production: Prime Focus
Audio Post-production: Ian Hargest, Scramble
Exposure: National TV, satellite, cable, cinema


Litter-dropping Irish teenagers are transformed into foul-smelling social pariahs in new TV advertising aimed at helping to clean up the country's capital.

Dublin City Council is behind the initiative, which attempts to counter the notion among young people that littering is the social norm or even a slightly rebellious act with which to impress their peers.

Publicis QMP created the TV spot, which draws on the fact that teenagers care deeply about how they are perceived by their peer group, and particularly by the opposite sex.

It shows young litter-droppers turning into filthy, diseased outcasts who are ostracised by their friends.

Council officials say they want teenagers to think twice about how littering makes them look to their peers and also how they look on others who litter.

Project: Cobalt, flare, rain
Client: Victor Mehren, marketing director, Wrigley
Brief: Launch the 5 chewing-gum brand
Creative agencies: Energy BBDO Chicago; Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London
Writer: Barney Ashton
Art director: Matt Ryan
Planner: Ulrich Appelbaum
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: George Moreira
Production company: MJZ, Los Angeles
Director: Dante Ariola
Editor: Andrea MacArthur
Post-production: Peep Show
Audio Post-production: Stimmung, Los Angeles; 750, London
Exposure: National TV, cinema


BBDO has brought together creative teams from London and Chicago to produce a trio of futuristic-looking commercials supporting the launch of Wrigley's 5 chewing-gum brand in the US.

The network was handed the assignment as part of $200 million-worth of extra work from the gum and snack-food giant during the summer.

The commercials, created by Energy BBDO in Chicago and Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO in London, aim to take advantage of cinema sound technology to grab audiences' attention and draw them to a new website featuring leading-edge 3D effects that blend video and interactivity.

Dante Ariola, who previously directed ads for Nike, Gatorade and PlayStation 2, filmed the spots.

Project: Joy ride
Client: Don Durst, senior vice-president sales and marketing, Subaru
Brief: Launch the latest version of the Impreza in Canada
Creative agency: DDB Canada
Writer: Denise Rossetto
Art director: Todd Mackie
Media agency: OMD Canada
Production company: Corner Store
Director: Jorn Haagen
Editor: Griff Henderson
Post-production: Corner Stone
Audio Post-production: Ted Rosnick, RMW Music
Exposure: National TV, cinema


Subaru, the Japanese car-maker, presents itself as the equal of German design and engineering excellence to launch the latest version of its Impreza model in Canada.

DDB in Toronto has created the multimedia initiative spearheaded by a TV and cinema ad that pokes fun at German engineers who take themselves too seriously.

The commercial features four German engineers rocking to a radio song as they power an Impreza around a test track. However, the smiles are wiped off their faces when they return to the test facility to be greeted with a withering look from their supervisor.

The endline presents the Impreza as: "The Japanese car the Germans wish they made."

Subaru launched the Impreza in 1993 to compete with the Toyota Corolla, the Honda Civic, the Nissan Sentra and the Mazda 323.

Project: Stop child labour
Client: Jetteke van der Schatte Olivier, international co-ordinator,
Brief: Raise awareness of the plight of child labourers
Creative agency: McCann Erickson
Writer: Michiel Otting
Art director: Lenndert van der Plas
Planner: Ge Key
Media agency: Zigt Media
Media planner: Karin Tichelaar
Production company: Stellamation
Director: Stella Greenwood
Post-production: McCann Erickson
Exposure: TV across Europe, online


A new ad initiative to raise awareness of the breadth of child labour has begun in six European countries.

About 218 million children worldwide aged between five and 17 work as labourers. The campaign, through McCann Erickson in Amsterdam, is part of an effort to show that, without education, such children have no chance to break the cycle of poverty.

Hivos, which presses governments to do more to tackle the problem, is behind the initiative under the theme: "Stop child labour - school is the best place to work."

The advertising aims to make people aware that child labour plays a part in the manufacture of all kinds of household products.