The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Guns = Prison
Client: Richard Aborn, president, Citizens Crime Commission of New York
Brief: Remind people of New York's crackdown on illegal handguns
Creative agency: DraftFCB New York
Writers: Rodd Chant, Howie Ronay
Art directors: Howie Ronay, Daniel Shapiro
Media agency: n/a
Photographer: Julian Wolkenstein
Retouching: Martin Smith
Exposure: Outdoor, restaurants, clubs and bars in New York


New York's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is reinforcing the city's crackdown on illegal guns by launching a campaign reminding that anybody caught with one will go to jail for at least three-and-a-half years.

Posters commissioned by the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City will be displayed on donated space on hundreds of phone kiosks, as well as in buses, subways, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The campaign follows last year's introduction of what the city claims are the toughest gun laws in the US. Almost 70 per cent of murders in the city are committed with guns, the majority of which are illegal.

DraftFCB New York produced the posters, which feature guns and other visuals forming the letter "L" in the word "jail".

Project: L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme
Clients: Remi Gomez, chief executive; Nathalie Helloin, vice-president;
Cedric Frejebise, product manager, Beaute Prestige International
Brief: Relaunch L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme globally
Creative agency: BETC Luxe
Writer: n/a
Art director: Florence Bellisson
Media agency: Media Planning Group
Photographer: Marcus Tomlinson
Retouching: Marie Zacchi
Exposure: Press, outdoor, online


Issey Miyake, the Japanese fashion designer, is relaunching his fragrance for men, with new global advertising linking it with the power and strength of water.

The press and outdoor campaign for L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme and L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Intense has been produced by BETC Luxe, the luxury goods specialist division of the Paris-based BETC Euro RSCG.

The agency drafted in the photographer Marcus Tomlinson to shoot the ads, which present the fragrance as being endowed with the water-like qualities of strength, movement and energy.

Miyake introduced L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme in 1994 to complement L'Eau d'Issey (for women), which was launched two years earlier.

The Miyake fragrances are produced under a long-term agreement with the Beaute Prestige International division of Shiseido, which also produces fragrances for Narciso Rodriguez and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Project: Money, style
Clients: Dan Keller, marketing director; David Koziara, advertising
manager, Saturn
Brief: Promote the Vue by presenting Saturn as a progressive company
Creative agency: Deutsch Los Angeles
Writer: Josh Fell
Art director: Brandt Lewis
Media agency: GM Planworks
Production company: Park Pictures
Director: Joaquin Baca-Asay
Exposure: National and cable TV


Saturn, the General Motors subsidiary set up to counter the success of Japanese small car imports into the US, has entered a fresh phase of its "Rethink America" drive with new ads for its sports utility vehicle, the Vue.

The two new TV spots, through Deutsch Los Angeles, do not tell people to buy American, but challenge them to revisit their perceptions about important values.

Both ads feature examples of conspicuous consumption - from a solid gold loo to a stretch limo and a cat's diamond necklace. Meanwhile, a caption warns that "spending money like it's going out of style is out of style".

Project: Imagine
Clients: Tony Hale, chief executive; Lucia Elliott, marketing director,
The Newspaper Works
Brief: Present newspapers as a powerful channel for advertisers to
engage with consumers
Creative agency: BMF
Writers: Benn Sutton, Richard Morgan
Art directors: Grant Booker, Simon Langley
Planner: Gerry Cyron
Media agency: n/a
Photographers: Toby Burrows, Michael Corridore, Max Forsythe
Retouching: The Craft Shop, New Zealand
Exposure: National press


Australia's newspaper marketing body, The Newspaper Works, is staging its most ambitious campaign to convince agencies and advertisers of the medium's ability to engage consumers.

The BMF agency in Sydney has created the national press campaign, which positions newspapers as modern and contemporary in a converging media landscape.

The ad copy reads like an extract from a novel and tells the story behind seemingly trivial things - a shoe left under a theatre seat, a broken "snowstorm" paperweight, a man's severed ponytail, coins in a fountain and a cushion in a rowing boat. All end by asking advertisers to "imagine the story you could tell".

The Newspaper Works was formed last year and includes representatives of News Ltd, Fairfax, APN and West Australian Newspapers.