The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Had enough
Client: Fionnuala Sheehan, chief executive, Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol
in Society
Brief: Make clear that the days of drunken behaviour being acceptable in
Ireland are over
Creative agency: Language Communications
Writer: Henri McKervey
Art director: Robin Hegarty
Planner: Keith Murray
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Chris Rayner
Production company: Blinder Films
Director: Kieron J Walsh
Editor: Juniper Calder
Post-production: ScreenScene
Audio Post-production: Beacon
Exposure: National TV, cinema, online


People who find themselves the victims of drunken behaviour are being featured in new advertising that aims to brand binge-drinking in Ireland as socially unacceptable.

A young women harassed by drunken yobs, a nurse having to deal with drunken behaviour in a hospital casualty department and a taxi driver watching a drunk throw up in the back of his cab are among those appearing in the TV spot. Each scene ends with the victim declaring: "I've had enough."

The campaign is being funded by Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society, a group that promotes responsible drinking and whose members include Diageo, InBev, Heineken and Irish Distillers.

Language Communications, the Dublin agency that produced the film, said it was intended to remove the "social permission" for drunken behaviour.

Project: Transformers
Client: Jean Chavel, managing director, Charal
Brief: Promote Charal's fresh and frozen cheeseburger range
Creative agency: Leo Burnett, Paris
Writers/art directors: Edward Capelle, Stephane Santana
Planner: Michel Perret
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Christian LeNouy
Production company: Bandits Production
Director: Henry Littlechild
Editor: Samuel Danesi
Post-production: Bandits Production
Audio Post-production: Boris Jeanne
Exposure: National TV, cable


Charal, the French meat producer, takes its cue from the current craze for Transformers in new TV advertising to promote its fresh and frozen cheeseburger range.

The two 30-second spots, devised by Leo Burnett in Paris, are a spoof on the Michael Bay movie, which was released in France during the summer.

The premise for the commercials is that everyday kitchen appliances, including cookers, microwaves and washing machines, will turn themselves into robots to get their hands on Charal products because they are so tasty.

Charal claims to be the first French meat producer to have adopted a brand strategy, and prides itself on what it says is its mixture of strong communication, product quality and innovation. It is best known for its slogan: "Charal, the meat has a name."

Project: Boxes
Clients: Quico Vidal, creative director; Phil McAveety, global brand
director; Juana Martorell, brand manager, Camper
Brief: Launch Camper's autumn and winter collection
Creative agency: Madre
Writer: Madre
Art director: Madre
Media planner: Madre
Media agency: Starcom
Photographer: Jean-Pierre Khazem
Exposure: Global press, posters


Camper, the Spanish shoe manufacturer, has launched its first global campaign with advertising that uses the brand's distinctive shoebox to express its character.

Madre in Buenos Aires has created the print initiative, which introduces Camper's autumn and winter collection under the theme "Imagination walks".

It focuses on the fact that every Camper box contains a surprise. Gabriela Bayala, the Madre creative director, said: "We thought the box was a way of opening the door to Camper and expressing the creative power of the brand. Camper has soul and an ethos that is uncommon in most of the brands and companies out there."

Camper is a family business that has been making shoes since 1877. The Camper range, which aims to combine style and comfort, first appeared in 1975.

Project: Projection
Client: Virgin Broadband
Brief: Create a fully integrated campaign to launch Virgin Broadband
Creative agencies: Host, The Glue Society
Writers: James Harvey, Jonathan Kneebone
Art directors: James Dive, Gary Freedman
Planner: Frank Bethal
Media agency: Media Planning Group
Production company: @radical.media, Sydney
Director: The Glue Society
Exposure: National TV, online


Virgin Broadband is promoting its offer of free internet access to Australians in a campaign that features internet-related images projected on to urban streets and buildings. The initiative is being spearheaded by a 60-second TV spot emphasising that the internet is free when consumers take a home phone with Virgin. It asks them: "Are you with us or not?"

The TV campaign is being supported by a series of "live" projections in Sydney, as well as online activity featuring some eccentric internet content, including Danish bunny-jumping and extreme unicycling.