The Work: New campaigns - The world

Project: Tongue twister
Clients: Limin Ma, head of marketing; Lina Qiao, Mentos senior brand
manager, Perfetti Van Melle
Brief: Show the unconventional fun of Mentos' liquid-filled sugar-free
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty China
Writer: Carol Ong
Art director: Yinbo Ma
Planner: Pete Heskett
Media agency: In-house
Production company: Good Boyz, Thailand
Director: Mong
Editor: Good Boyz
Post-production: Digital Magic, Thailand
Audio Post-production: White Noise, Indonesia
Exposure: National TV, online


Mentos is zooming in on China's teenagers and twentysomethings - particularly students and white-collar workers - with advertising presenting the brand as the gum to have fun with.

Bartle Bogle Hegarty's newly opened Shanghai office has produced the work, which embraces TV, print and viral activity.

The TV and online work features a couple of bored office workers competing to create shapes with their gum. The contest ends with one of them producing a fountain bursting with the contents of the new Mentos liquid-filled gum. The idea is mirrored in the accompanying print work.

Perfetti Van Melle, the Mentos manufacturer, said the advertising was aimed at making the product stand out from the usual TV and print work.

Project: Lawnbada
Client: Southern Nevada Water Authority
Brief: Motivate people to play their part in saving water
Creative agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas
Writer: Jason Luery
Art director: Diane Vafi
Media agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas
Media planner: Eric Nelson
Production company: The Joneses, Santa Monica
Director: Peter Harton Jensen
Editor: Rex Edit
Post-production: Company 3
Audio Post-production: POP Sound
Exposure: TV in Nevada


The company charged with managing water supplies for the Las Vegas Valley has turned to TV to remind people living in the area to switch their lawn sprinklers to winter timing systems.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority says thousands of gallons of water a year can be saved if its customers can be successfully reminded to make the change.

The message is reinforced with a TV spot featuring a man in a swimming costume fooling around under his mistimed sprinkler, much to his neighbour's disgust. The endline warns: "Don't make us ask you again. It's a desert out there."

R&R Partners in Las Vegas produced the ad for the SNWA. The organisation was founded in 1991 to manage the area's water resources and develop solutions that will ensure adequate future supplies.

Project: Who's for cats?
Client: Neva Van de Kuyt, community education officer, Victoria Bureau
of Animal Welfare
Brief: Encourage people not to feed stray cats
Creative agency: The Surgery
Writer: Ashley Rosshandler
Art director: Keely Hackett
Planners: Sophie Fredheim, Simon Hakim
Media agency: Mitchell & Partners
Media planners: Kathleen Delaney, Elena Domazetovska
Production company: Vanilla Films
Director: Susan Stitt
Editor: Elodie Fouqueau
Post-production: Mike Reid & Partners Post Production
Audio Post-production: GAS
Exposure: TV in Victoria


Animal welfare chiefs in the Australian state of Victoria have launched a campaign to curb the problem of stray cats in and around the city of Melbourne.

The advertising, which embraces TV, print and online activity, warns people that by feeding the strays they are only making matters worse.

Officials estimate that there are about 500,000 stray cats in Victoria. They say people are unknowingly exacerbating the problem by feeding the cats, enabling them to breed more kittens into a life of disease and neglect.

Instead, they are asked to either take full ownership of a stray or call their local council to have it collected.

Shot on 16mm film to give it a documentary feel, the commercial warns viewers: "If you think by feeding a stray you're for cats, think again."

Project: Road joy
Client: Bruce Rosen, general manager marketing, Volkswagen Canada
Brief: Create goodwill towards new Volkswagen models by getting buyers
to perform random acts of "road joy"
Creative agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
Writers: John Reid, Scott Linnen
Art director: Mel Kreilein
Media agency: MBS
Media planner: Irene Corke
Production company: Radical
Director: Steve Miller
Editor: Chan Hatcher
Post-production: Method
Audio Post-production: Lime
Exposure: National TV


Volkswagen has begun a novel campaign to drive out road rage in Canada by asking customers of its new special-edition models to carry out an act of kindness when they get behind the wheel of their new car.

The campaign is aimed at boosting the appeal of VW's City Golf and City Jetta models in the face of competition from Asian subcompacts.

The advertising is being spearheaded by three TV spots on the theme of "road joy". In one, a driver allows another to take a parking space. In another, some teenagers wash a dirty car before speeding away. In the third, gridlocked motorists are entertained by somebody blowing bubbles.

VW said the campaign was inspired by a study showing 40 per cent of Canadian men and 27 per cent of women had perpetrated aggressive behaviour while driving.