The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: To arms!
Client: Gilles Olleris, communications manager, Stihl
Brief: Show how Stihl power tools keep nature at bay in the garden
Creative agency: Publicis Conseil
Writer: Olivier Dermaux
Art director: Mathieu Vinciguerra
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Pascale Moaligou
Retouching: 414
Exposure: National press and gardening titles


Images of statues being over-run by creepers and climbing weeds are being used in a new campaign to keep Stihl power tools top-of-mind with gardeners throughout the winter.

The work, through Publicis Conseil, is intended to show gardeners that although nature uses the cover of winter to over-run gardens, Stihl tools means they can be fully armed and ready to do battle.

Stihl, which was founded in Germany 80 years ago, began as a chainsaw specialist, but now produces a wide range of power tools that are sold in more than 60 countries.

Project: Hang thematic campaign
Client: Tasharin Osathanugraph, deputy managing director, Osotspa
Brief: Position Hang drinkers as "nightlife gurus" and overcome
perceptions that hangover cures are only for "lightweight" alcohol
Creative agency: Leo Burnett Bangkok
Writer: Noranit Yasopa
Art director: Pipat Uraporn
Planner: Prasit Kunanbuphanchai
Media agency: Starcom Thailand
Media planner: Thanat Kidakornkul
Production company: Phenomena
Director: Thanonchai Sornsriwichai
Editor: Phenomena
Post-production: Thanonchai Sornsriwichai
Audio Post-production: Cinedigital
Exposure: National TV


Hang, Thailand's best-selling hangover remedy, has launched a new marketing initiative across a broad front to target young drinkers.

TV, print, radio, online activity and specially commissioned comic strips in the country's leading football newspaper are being used in the campaign commissioned by Osotspa, the specialist food and drink company that produces Hang.

The offensive, through Leo Burnett Bangkok, is being spearheaded by a series of 15-second spots, featuring Hang drinkers who are unaffected by the excesses of late-night partying.

They are the work of the writer Noranit Yasopa and Pipat Uraporn, who were gold Lion winners at Cannes last year with their print ads for Clima cycle locks.

The ads are running in pubs, clubs and other drinking spots as well as on national TV.

Project: Genital mutilation
Client: Amnesty International, Sweden
Brief: Inform people about female genital mutilation and Amnesty
International's work for human rights
Creative agency: Publicis Stockholm
Writer: Malin Akersten
Art director: Yaskin Lekorchi
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Jeanette Asteborg
Photographer: Niklas Alm
Retouching: Sofia Cederstrom
Exposure: Magazines, outdoor


Amnesty International has launched a new campaign to galvanise Swedish opposition to female genital mutilation.

Images of sewn-up roses are featured in the national magazine and outdoor initiative to underscore the message that mutilation is not just a violation of human rights, but a crime.

Publicis in Stockholm created the campaign, drawing attention to the fact that two million girls, many of them living in countries that have signed the Declaration of Human Rights, are still mutilated every year in the name of tradition.

The agency said the rose image had been used because it was free from any cultural or religious significance and so would not reinforce any prejudices.

Project: Corporate campaign
Client: Isabelle Rondeau, communications director, Bombardier
Brief: Show how Bombardier's trains and aircraft are used all over the
world and stimulate economic growth
Creative agency: TAXI Montreal
Writer: Linda Dawe
Art director: Stephane Gaulin
Planner: Anne-Marie Leclair
Media agency: Media Expert
Media planner: Flavia D'Orazio
Production company: La Fabrique d'Images
Director: Jean-Michel Ravon
Post-production: BUZZ
Audio Post-production: Sonart
Exposure: National TV


Bombardier, the Canada-based aircraft and train manufacturer, is bolstering its corporate image within its domestic market with a TV campaign showing how its products bring people together.

TAXI Montreal has created a pair of TV spots to reinforce the message under the theme: "Planes, trains, Canadian spirit."

One film features the driver of a train who always responds to people's signals to sound his horn as he travels across China's countryside and through its cities.

Another shows a weekly encounter between some trawlermen and the pilot of a passing plane, who greet each other by flashing their lights. The endline is: "People will always find ways to connect. We just make it easier."

Bombardier recently reported a quarterly profits increase of almost 23 per cent.