The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Happily ever
Clients: Hillary Benjamin, senior director of advertising; Bianca Kosoy,
creative director, Equinox Fitness Clubs
Brief: Motivate people to work out and realise their dreams
Creative agency: Fallon Minneapolis
Writer: Roberto Lastra
Art director: Daniel Burke
Media agency: Fallon
Media planner: Diana Knutson
Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth
Retouching: Moo Studios
Exposure: National press, magazines, outdoor, cinema, online


Equinox, the US chain of fitness clubs, takes an offbeat look at the benefits of working out in new advertising that presents it as a method to make dreams come true.

Fallon Minneapolis, which created the campaign, drafted in the photographer Ellen von Unwerth, who specialises in erotic feminine images, to shoot the press ads under the theme: "Happily ever."

The work features a group of young nuns painting a naked man, Baroque beauties fawning over a man at a Victorian party, a woman surrounded by men of different ages all vying for her attention, and a toned and fit woman surrounded by a bevy of artificial-looking girls.

The images are all aimed at reinforcing Equinox's message that working out can bring people closer to fulfilling their wildest dreams. The print work is being supported by cinema and internet activity.

Project: Everyone smiles for Hi!!
Client: Hi!! magazine
Brief: Extend Hi!!'s appeal to a wider audience
Creative agencies: Leo Burnett Solutions, Arc Worldwide Sri Lanka
Writer: Lalindra Nanayakara
Art director: Ramesh de Silva
Planner: Ifaz Bin Jameel
Media agency: n/s
Production company: n/s
Director: Dulitha Lokubalasooriya
Editor: Manjula Wijeratne
Post-production: Vision Works
Exposure: National TV, online


Hi!!, Sri Lanka's biggest-selling society magazine, is adopting a controversial strategy with its new integrated campaign aimed at extending the title's appeal.

The campaign focuses on serious situations, including a riot, a hospital operation and a funeral. In each spot, the action suddenly stops and everybody begins smiling and posing because a Hi!! photographer has just appeared. The strategy pokes fun at the title's most common feature - pictures of people who are always smiling, no matter what the situation.

The campaign is part of a plan to move Hi!! beyond its current upmarket readership, and make it more approachable for the public at large.

Project: Brand campaign
Clients: Eric Girard, Matthieu Simonin, Olivia Pfeiffer, Aurelie
Courruol, brand managers, Eurosugar
Brief: Portray the brand's uniqueness by fusing optimism with the
sweetness of sugar
Creative agency: BETC Euro RSCG
Writer: Nathalie Dupont
Art director: Josepha Waem
Media agency: My media
Media planner: Jean-Claude Percerou
Production company: Partizan
Director: Valerie Pirson
Exposure: National TV


BETC Euro RSCG has launched its first work for the sugar brand Daddy, with a TV campaign featuring love stories between furry animals and the theme: "For a sweeter world."

Daddy, marketed by the Eurosugar group, has been around for 25 years, but has recently had its packaging overhauled and its logo brought up to date.

The new advertising campaign aims to show off the brand's vitality and the joy that it can create. It highlights two products - Cote Coeur sugar lumps and the new Daddy powdered sugar.

Using Boney M's 1976 hit Daddy Cool as the soundtrack, the spots bring together animals that are usually sworn enemies - for example, a cat and a mouse, and a fox and a lamb.

Project: RAZR 2 Luxury Edition
Clients: Erik Soderstrom, vice-president global brand marketing; Todd
Brandes, director of global advertising, Motorola
Brief: Launch the RAZR 2 Luxury Edition
Creative agency: Ogilvy Beijing
Writers: Andrew Lok, Perry Zheng, Bo Deng, Matthew Curry, Rain Yu, Ning
Chen, Lucia Li
Art directors: Nils Andersson, Wilson Chow
Planners: Edward Bell, Nils Andersson
Media agency: MindShare
Exposure: Press, magazines, outdoor


Motorola parodies high-fashion ads in a global print campaign to launch the Luxury Edition of its RAZR 2 mobile phone. The model claims to be a blend of elegant design and high-performance features.

The Ogilvy agency in Beijing created the ads, which capitalise on the phone's snakeskin-patterned casing. One features a man wearing snakeskin shoes, another a girl reclining in a snakeskin chair, and a third depicts a model wearing a snakeskin-patterned dress.

Motorola says the phone combines smart looks with toughness, and that it boasts fast connections, a large external screen and a main menu you can customise.