The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Limousine
Clients: Olivier Francois, chief executive; Maurizio Spagnulo,
communications director, Lancia
Brief: Launch the Lancia Musa across Europe
Creative agency: Armando Testa
Writer: Dario Digeronimo
Art director: Luca Cortesini
Media agency: MC2
Production company: LaCasaFilm, Milan
Director: Ago Panini
Editor: Antonio Di Peppo
Post-production: Edi, Milan
Audio Post-production: Top digital
Exposure: TV in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Poland
and Switzerland


Carla Bruni, the Italian-born supermodel-turned-singer and wife of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, is looking for an album sales boost on the back of her starring role in the latest Lancia campaign.

Her appearance in the TV and print ads - created by Italy's Armando Testa to promote the latest Lancia Musa - follows the release of Bruni's second album, an English-language collection called No Promises.

Originally launched three years ago, the Musa targets the high end of the people-carrier market carved out by German marques. It aims to combine a limousine's comfort with a city car's compactness.

Bruni's version of Cher's 1966 hit Bang Bang provides the soundtrack for the spot in which she is seen arriving for a concert in a Musa and causing the limousine that blocks her way to be destroyed by fire.

Project: Every bottle counts
Client: Jens Jermin, head of advertising and communication, Coca-Cola
Brief: Promote Coca-Cola's recyclable bottles
Creative agency: Publicis Helsinki
Writer: Anthony Wolch
Art director: Marcus Merkl
Media agency: PMI
Media planner: Jonas Aberg
Production company: Woodpecker Film
Director: Jalmari Helander
Post-production: Generator Post
Exposure: National TV


Coca-Cola is making a song and dance about its environmental credentials in Finland on the back of a national recycling initiative.

The drinks giant claims to be first off the blocks following rule changes introduced last month making Finnish bottlers responsible for switching from refillable to recyclable bottles.

Coke is promoting its new bottle via a TV spot shot in a Helsinki street, where a group of young men draw a crowd using bottles to blow the notes of Supertramp's hit Give A Little Bit.

One of the musicians knocks over a bottle before he can blow the most important note. However, a girl comes to his rescue by handing over her bottle as the street audience sings and dances along to the music.

Project: Audition
Client: MTV
Brief: Launch the search for America's "best young dancers" for the MTV
show America's Best Dance Crew
Creative agency: In-house
Creative directors: Kevin Mackall, Amy Campbell
Production company: In-house
Director: Clay Weiner
Editor: Gary Knight
Post-production: Peepshow
Audio Post-production: Matt Richman, Nutmeg
Exposure: MTV


MTV is stoking up interest in a reality competition with a teaser campaign launching a search for the country's best young dancers.

The weekly show, called America's Best Dance Crew, is the brainchild of the American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

Each week, dance crews will compete before a judging panel, with viewers delivering their verdicts on the performers' skills and choreography via SMS, phone and online. The winners will get a cash prize and a touring contract.

The TV spot features groups of dancers silently going through their routines to the accompanying sound of an orchestra tuning up. The commercial ends with the message: "America's best dance crew. The search begins."

Project: Sandcastle
Client: Jean Manuel Canga-Valles, marketing director, Beiersdorf Middle
Brief: Encourage parents to buy Nivea Sun Children's Sun Lotion
Creative agency: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai
Writer: Sandeep Fernandes
Art director: Daniel Djarmati
Media agency: OMD
Illustrator: Platinum, Brazil
Exposure: Regional magazines


Nivea's sun cream for children is being promoted to parents across the Middle East with the message that the skin-protection product allows children to play in the sun for longer.

The print campaign features images of buckets and spades beside an elaborate sandcastle. It carries the line: "Let your kids play longer."

TBWA\RAAD in Dubai, which created the work, said its aim had been to avoid an "ingredient" ad that parents might ignore and to point out the emotional benefits of the Beiersdorf-owned brand.

The ad is being supported by other activity, such as sandcastle-building competitions across the region.

With expats making up 80 per cent of the United Arab Emirates population, there is a high demand for international skincare brands, particularly in Dubai, which has positioned itself as a tourist and shopping destination.