The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Orange juice
Client: Leigh Killeen, marketing director, Florida Department of Citrus
Brief: Promote the healthy benefits of Florida orange juice
Creative agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
Writer: Mike Malone
Art director: Brian Nadurak
Planner: Leslie Kuhn
Media agency: The Richards Group
Media planner: Don Stanislaus
Production company: HANraHAN
Director: David Wynn-Jones
Editor: Avtar, Cut & Run
Post-production: Digital Kitchen, Seattle
Audio Post-production: Charlie Uniform Tango, Dallas
Exposure: National TV


Florida's citrus producers are launching a fresh burst of TV advertising to promote the healthy benefits of orange juice from Florida.

The Richards Group in Dallas drafted in the specialist table-top director David Wynn-Jones, acclaimed for his skill in capturing hi-speed digital imagery, to bring the brief to life. The result is a 30-second spot featuring juice being poured from jug to glass under the theme: "Healthy, pure and simple."

The commercial was commissioned by the Florida Department of Citrus, which is responsible for the marketing, research and regulation of the Florida citrus industry. Its activities are funded by a tax, which is paid by citrus growers on each box of citrus that moves through commercial channels.

Project: Awareness campaign
Client: Gwen Darien, editor, CR Magazine
Brief: Raise awareness of the advances made in cancer treatments
Creative agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Writer: Mike Pierantozzi
Art director: Clarissa Valaeys
Planner: Paul Parton
Media agency: Mediahead
Production company: Hungry Man
Director: Brendan Gibbons
Editor: John Young, Homestead
Post-production: Edgeworx
Audio Post-production: Human
Exposure: National TV, online


A skydiver who escapes death when his parachute fails to open is being used by a US cancer charity to highlight the advances being made in cancer research.

The national TV spot was commissioned by CR Magazine, the publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, to draw attention to the greatly improved survival rates of cancer sufferers.

Created by The Brooklyn Brothers in New York, the spot appears to be home video camera footage of a terrified girl watching her friend plunge from the sky. She is staggered when he picks himself up only slightly dazed.

The film closes with the message: "Twenty-five years ago, walking away from cancer was just as unlikely."

Experts have calculated that the death rate from cancer of Americans under the age of 65 dropped by 27 per cent between 1977 and 2004.

Project: The duels
Client: Samir Boudjemaa, head of marketing, Sport+
Brief: Support the launch of the Sport+ channel
Creative agency: icilondres
Writer/art director: Franck Rey
Planner: Rachid Abderrahim
Media agency: Media Planning Group
Illustrator: Benjamin Wachenje
Retouching: Terre d'images
Exposure: National newspapers and magazines


Vivendi Universal's pay-TV division has kicked off a national print campaign following the launch of Sport+, an all-sports subscription channel that exploits the live broadcast rights for 60 different sports.

The Paris-based agency icilondres drafted in the British illustrator Benjamin Wachenje to help produce the ads, under the theme: "Twice as much sport." The illustrations feature imaginary contests between the players of different sports such as basketball and rugby, football and golf, and tennis and handball.

The Sport+ offering includes soccer, as well as NBA basketball, NHL ice-hockey and NFL American football. Vivendi acquired a wide range of sporting rights from Pathe six years ago.

Sport+ broadcasts via the CanalSatellite delivery system, and reaches 2.5 million subscribers across France. It competes directly with Eurosport, which is owned by the country's leading network, TF1.

Project: Push the button
Client: Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey
Brief: Attract foreign investment to Turkey
Creative agency: Alametifarika
Writer: Sirin Ediger
Art directors: Ceylan Sahin, Ozgur Atamer, Nazim Kok, Fatma Yollar
Media agency: Starcom
Exposure: International business press, international TV


Turkey is trying to lure more foreign investors by using endorsements from the heads of international companies already present in the country. Senior executives of Hyundai, Indesit, Mango, Unicredit and BNP Paribas are among those featured in the campaign, which targets the chief executives of global companies via international business publications and TV networks such as CNN and CNBC Europe.

The Istanbul-based Alametifarika created the work, which invites would-be investors to "Push the button".

The campaign concentrates on the points of difference between Turkey and other countries, including its young population and its fast-developing economy.