The Work: New Campaigns - The World

10 CANE RUM - 10 CANE - US
Project: 10 Cane
Client: Rob Bryans, vice-president, 10 Cane Rum
Brief: Consolidate 10 Cane's position as the leading luxury rum
Creative agency: Mother New York
Writer: Brandon Davis
Art director: Piers North
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Reatha Braxton
Photographer: Anders Overgaard
Retouching: TAG
Exposure: National magazines including Vanity Fair, GQ, Details and
Conde Nast Traveler


Well-heeled hedonists enjoying a taste of paradise on a Caribbean island are being used to present 10 Cane as what its makers insist is the world's first luxury rum.

LVMH, the luxury goods group whose brands range from Dom Perignon to Christian Dior fragrances, claims to have created the luxury rum category when it launched 10 Cane in the US in spring 2005.

Mother New York created the print campaign supporting 10 Cane, which originated in Trinidad. It is produced by Moet Hennessy, LVMH's wines and spirits division, and is said to be made from the first pressing of virgin sugar cane grown specifically for making rum.

The print campaign, running in national magazines, continues the strategy of concentrating more on enjoying 10 Cane and less on how it is made.

Project: India
Client: Amnesty International Austria
Brief: Draw attention to the fact that Indian girls face being killed
each year
Creative agency: Demner Mericek & Bergmann, Vienna
Writer: Florian Nussbaumer
Art director: Tolga Buyukdoganay
Media agency: Media 1
Media planner: Christine Nemeth
Photographer: Joachim Haslinger
Exposure: National press, magazines, posters


Amnesty International has launched a new print campaign alerting Austrians to the plight of Indian women facing death each year because of their gender.

The charity estimates that more than 20,000 girls are killed each year in India because of the financial burden they put on their families.

Female children have traditionally been seen as liabilities in India. While males carry on the family name and provide for their parents in old age, females necessitate expensive wedding dowries.

In the past, infanticide was seen as a common solution to dealing with unwanted female babies.

The Vienna-based agency Demner Mericek & Bergmann has produced the campaign that highlights the crisis by featuring the face of an Indian woman with a bullet hole replacing her traditional bindi forehead decoration.

Project: Empty cable suit
Clients: Paul Guyardo, chief marketing officer; Jon Gieselman, senior
vice-president, advertising and PR, DirecTV
Brief: Promote DirecTV's advantages over cable
Creative agency: Deutsch Los Angeles
Writer: Cary Ruby
Art director: Erick Mangali
Media agency: Deutsch
Media planners: Peter Gardiner, Karen Deluca
Production company: GO Film
Director: Christopher Guest
Editor: Haines Hall, Spot Welders
Post-production: POP Sound
Audio Post-production: HUM Music & Sound Design
Exposure: National TV


DirecTV, News Corporation's California-based broadcast satellite service, has drafted in Christopher Guest, the actor, writer and musician, to direct its latest series of commercials that lampoon the efforts of cable companies to match its offering.

Guest, best known for his work on the 1984 movie This Is Spinal Tap, has become synonymous with "mockumentaries" that poke fun at everything from heavy metal music to dog shows.

Deutsch Los Angeles created the latest spots, which move the campaign on from its previous strategy of recreating scenes from famous films using the original actors who tell the audience about DirecTV's advantages.

The new ads feature several members of Guest's comedy team. They play cable company executives who become increasingly desperate in their attempts to thwart DirecTV's advances.

Project: ROKR E8
Client: Ian Chapman-Banks, head of marketing, Motorola
Brief: Highlight the ROKR E8's ability to switch from talk to music in
one touch
Creative agency: Ogilvy Beijing
Writers: Nils Andersson, Wilson Chow, Andrew Lok
Art directors: Wilson Chow, Perry Zheng, He Shi Yang, Gao Feng, Nils
Media agency: MindShare
Photographer: Christophe Kutner
Retouching: Groovy Singapore
Exposure: Press, magazine, outdoor throughout Asia


Jay Chou, one of Asia's most popular entertainers, has been drafted in by Motorola to promote its new ROKR E8 mobile phone.

Motorola claims the new product combines all the attributes of a mobile phone with outstanding audio quality and easy-to-use controls enabling users to switch easily from phone to MP3 player.

The print campaign through Ogilvy Beijing illustrates the product's versatility by featuring Chou as a rock star and in more conventional guise.

The Taiwanese musician, singer, producer, actor and director has a huge following throughout China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, and has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide.

"Chou endorses a multitude of brands," Andrew Lok, the Ogilvy Greater China executive creative director, said. "Our challenge was to showcase him in a way never seen before."