The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Hu Jia
Client: Adidas
Brief: Promote the Adidas "impossible is nothing" message in the run-up
to the Beijing Olympics
Creative agency: TBWA\China
Writers: Sarawut Hengswad, Lesley Zhou, Nicky Zhang, Michelle Wu
Art directors: Elvis Chau, Nie Lang, Xia Zheng, Susie Sun, Amanu Qian
Media agency: n/s
Production companies: Stink, Psyop
Directors: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier
Editor: Cass Vanini
Post-production: Psyop, New York
Audio Post-production: Sound Lounge, New York
Exposure: National TV


Hu Jia, China's Olympic gold medal-winning diver, has been signed by Adidas to star in a national TV campaign to build its brand further in the run-up to the Beijng Games in August.

The TV spot extends the brand's "impossible is nothing" theme and features the 25-year-old diver telling how he defied the sceptics to win the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics in the men's ten-metre platform event.

Hu Jia, a silver medalist at the 2000 Games in Sydney, was in sixth place at the end of the preliminary round four years later, but put in an outstanding performance to win gold.

Created by TBWA\China, the film shows him preparing to dive and dreaming about winning another gold this year.

Project: Recruitment campaign
Client: French Ministry of Health, Youth and Sport
Brief: Encourage young people to consider careers as a health
Creative agency: CLM BBDO
Writer: Romain Goehrs
Art director: Nicolas Sylvander
Media agency: Carat
Production company: Gang Films
Director: Kasper Wedendahl
Editor: Kasper Wedendahl
Post-production: Back Up
Exposure: National TV


An offbeat TV campaign featuring people able to "cure" themselves after an accident or illness is being used to stave off a threatened jobs crisis in French hospitals.

The French Ministry of Health, Youth and Sport (DICOM) is behind the initiative. Its aim is to help fill the 200,000 vacancies that will be created by 2015 when one in two hospital workers will have retired.

The work is targeted at people aged 15 to 20. It tells them that, because people don't have superpowers, healthcare professionals will always be needed. The ads direct them to a website to find out more.

One spot shows a man appearing to fix the broken leg he suffered when he fell downstairs. Another features a man pumping his own chest after suffering a heart attack. Each film ends with the message: "If it was that simple, we would not recruit."

Project: Damn fucking tasty
Client: New York Pizza
Brief: Show New York Pizza is the best tasting and use only quality
Creative agency: Selmore, Amsterdam
Writer: Poppe van Pelt
Art director: Diederick Hillenius
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Bart van der Vliet
Production company: Camrad
Director: Willem Gerritsen
Editor: Sander Brenninkmeijer
Post-production: Comrad/AVP
Audio Post-production: Marcel Bultman, FC Walvish
Exposure: National TV


A Dutch pizza delivery chain is pushing the country's liberal ad laws to the limit with a new TV campaign that declares its products to be "damn fucking tasty".

The advertising, featuring a spoof foul-mouthed Mafia godfather who appears to be sniffing a mound of cocaine (it turns out to be flour), is running on national TV without a 9pm watershed restriction (there is no such thing in The Netherlands).

The actor Richard Delessandro plays the mobster. One spot features him and his cronies standing over a man who appears to be covered in blood.

He runs his finger over the man's stained face, then licks his finger before asking him: "You call this ... tomato sauce? Tastes like fucking shit."

New York Pizza claims to be the fastest-growing pizza delivery chain in The Netherlands and the biggest rival to Domino's.

Project: Geyser
Client: Kimberly-Clark
Brief: Restore mothers' perceptions of Huggies providing unsurpassed
leakage protection
Creative agency: JWT New York
Writer: Tom Sebanc
Art director: Vikas Bhalla
Media agency: MindShare
Production company: Hungry Man
Director: Bryan Buckley
Editor: Tom Scherma
Post-production: Cosmostreet
Audio Post-production: Philip Loeb, Soundlounge
Exposure: National TV, cable


A baby with an ability to pee spectacularly is the star of a new TV spot promoting Huggies, the Kimberly-Clark nappy brand. Its appearance marks a fresh round in the intense contest between Huggies and Procter & Gamble's Pampers.

JWT New York created the ad, in which the baby astounds his father by almost flooding the bedroom. Only when the baby is put in a Huggies nappy does the flooding stop.

Kimberly-Clark and P&G have been engaged in an acrimonious battle over their brands. In October last year, a federal judge threw out a bid by P&G to stop a TV ad for Huggies. It appeared to show a woman putting a brick on a nappy that resembled Pampers.