The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Puss in Boots
Client: Anne Legallet, marketing director, Saniterpen
Brief: Promote Saniterpen's pet-odour product
Creative agency: Callegari Berville Grey
Writer: Luissandro Del Gobbo
Art director: Giovanni Settesoldi
Media agency: CBGrey
Media planner: Carole Poncet
Photographer: Eugenio Recuenco
Exposure: National press, outdoor


Puss in Boots, the feline hero of Charles Perrault's 17th-century fairy tale, is making a comeback in a new ad campaign that pays tribute to the character's original interpretation.

The national press and outdoor campaign is for Saniterpen, the French pet-care company.

Callegari Berville Grey in Paris devised the campaign from an unpromising brief to promote Saniterpen's pet-odour product.

Six people worked for three days to create the ad, which appears with almost no retouching.

A New York fashion model was hired to recreate "Puss". She had to spend half-a-day being made up before the shoot, which lasted four hours.

The final ad was chosen from 400 shots taken by the Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco.

Project: Your move
Clients: John Lynch, vice-president of brand communications; Saadia
Bryant, director of brand communications, Reebok
Brief: Show how Reebok can help people showcase their sporting skills
Creative agency: McGarry Bowen
Writer: Tiffany Smith
Art director: Michael Cannova
Media agency: n/a
Production company: Park Pictures
Director: Jake Schreier
Editor: Final Cut
Post-production: Absolute
Audio Post-production: Terressa Tate
Exposure: Online


Thierry Henry encourages people to show off their sports skills in Reebok's latest internet campaign.

The former Arsenal striker, now at Barcelona, is shown marking out a white box on the road. Other people join in as it becomes apparent that the boxes have been created to showcase some grassroots skills, ranging from skipping to juggling.

As the spot draws to a close, Henry, having shown off his fancy footwork, leaves his box, signalling that it's free for the next person.

Henry has been the face of the European brand in Europe since April 2006, when he defected from Reebok's arch-rival Nike.

Project: MTV Tr3s - Top 20 Countdown
Clients: Romy Mann, vice-president on-air design; Jeffrey Keyton, senior
vice-president design, MTV
Brief: Promote MTV Tr3s as a high-quality entertainment brand that
identifies with young Hispanics
Creative agency: MTV
Writer: n/a
Art directors: Ana Sanchez, Doug Filak
Media agency: n/a
Production company: PandaPanther, New York
Director: PandaPanther
Editors: Jonathan Garin, Naomi Nishimura
Post-production: PandaPanther
Audio Post-production: Eric Holness (Handsome Panther), John Black
(Cypher Audio)
Exposure: National TV


MTV Tr3s, the US satellite and cable station for young Hispanics, has launched new advertising aimed at identifying itself more closely with its audience.

The campaign is promoting the channel's Top 20 Countdown show, but also attempts to connect with Latino Americans by celebrating their passion and hybrid identity.

The spot juxtaposes live action with animation and features brightly coloured dolls that manage to get into the most unlikely places.

Established in 1998, MTV Tr3s features lifestyle series, customised video playlists, news and documentaries celebrating Hispanic culture, music and artists. It targets bilingual Hispanics aged between 12 and 34.

Project: Deformities
Clients: Javier Puig de la Bellacasa, general director; Yolanda
Gonzalez, communication director; Jose Luis Magro, operation chief,
Brief: Promote the recycling of glass bottles
Creative agency: Remo
Writer: Mikel Echeverria
Art director: Chiky Caceres
Planner: Manuel Lopez-Pineiro
Media agency: Remo
Media planner: David Juarez
Production companies: Remo/Insitu
Director: Chiky Caceres
Post-production: Insitu/Infinia
Audio Post-production: Sonodigi
Exposure: Regional TV


Ecovidrio, the non-profit organisation that manages Spain's glass recycling process, has launched new TV advertising that aims to stigmatise people who refuse to heed the recycling message.

The Remo agency in Madrid has created the campaign, which takes viewers inside a glass bottle to get a distorted view of people who still throw their glass bottles in bins rather than recycling them.

A woman putting on her make-up and a man singing in the bath are among the characters portrayed as ugly and deformed when viewed through a bottle.

All the spots ask viewers: "How do you expect glass to see you if you treat it like rubbish?"

Ecovidrio, which is financed by the country's packaging companies, is pledged to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and the need to reduce waste in order to safeguard the environment.