The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Clouds
Client: Judy Hu, global executive director, advertising and branding,
General Electric
Brief: Promote General Electric's expertise in producing clean water
Creative agency: BBDO New York
Writer: Brad Rosebery
Art director: John Leu
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Toni Racioppo
Production company: Partizan
Director: Traktor
Editor: Gavin Cutler, Mackenzie Cutler
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Buzz
Exposure: National TV


General Electric, the US technology and services conglomerate, has launched new advertising that aims to help shed its old image as a major polluter.

The new national TV campaign, through BBDO New York, focuses on how the world's third-largest company mirrors nature by using its expertise to produce billions of gallons of clean water each year.

The TV spot creates a fantasy world high in the heavens, where hundreds of white-clad workers make clouds, test the water they produce and form a human chain to fill giant water cans that pour their contents from the sky.

GE has built, owns and operates hundreds of water-treatment plants throughout the world. More than a billion people across the world are believed not to have access to clean water each day.

Project: Landscapeometer
Clients: Elena Gris, Natalia Sagales, Elisabet Navarro, marketing
executives, Honda Motors
Brief: Promote the driving experience of the Honda CR-V
Creative agency: Villarrosas, Barcelona
Writer: Tuning
Art director: Michele Salati
Media agency: Optimedia
Production company: Agosto
Director: David Ruiz
Post-production: Metropolitana
Audio Post-production: Ramon Martinez
Exposure: National TV


Honda is extending its familiar "power of dreams" theme in new TV advertising in Spain that emphasises what it's like to drive the CR-V, its compact sports utility vehicle.

Created by the Villarrosas agency in Barcelona, the spot features a vehicle mileometer. But instead of recording the distance covered, the gauge shows images of different landscapes.

The aim is to convince would-be customers that, when behind the wheel of a CR-V, miles are not covered, but experienced.

The CR-V was introduced in Japan in 1996 as Honda's first in-house-designed SUV. It was originally intended only as a niche vehicle because the car-maker was not sure it had sufficient potential. Since then, however, it has maintained strong sales.

Project: Greenpeace Forum
Client: Pang Sze Chuan, marketing director, Greenpeace China
Brief: Highlight Greenpeace's online forum, where people can voice their
opinions about climate change
Creative agency: Ogilvy Beijing
Writers: Matthew Curry, Andrew Lok
Art directors: He Shi Yang, Wilson Chow, David Seah, Nils Andersson
Planner: He Shi Yang
Media agency: In-house
Photography: Corbis
Retouching: He Shi Yang
Exposure: National magazines, outdoor


Greenpeace lampoons George Bush in a new campaign making fun of what it sees as the US president's twisted logic on the environment.

The national magazine and outdoor initiative is aimed at getting people in China to visit the pressure group's online forum to debate environmental issues.

Ogilvy Beijing created the campaign, which features news pictures of Bush with speech bubbles.

In one, he declares: "Rising sea levels? More lifeguards, less unemployment." In another, he suggests that less polar ice means "easier arctic drilling, lower oil prices". In a third, he argues that more flooding leads to "more boat sales, better economy".

Each ad carries the line: "Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Voice yours at forum.greenpeace.org."

Greenpeace has been a relentless critic of the Bush administration's climate-change policy and its lukewarm response to the Kyoto Protocol.

Project: Grant's 12 Year Old
Client: Kate Athanasi, global brand director, William Grant & Sons
Brief: Relaunch Grant's 12 Year Old
Creative agency: My Agency
Writer: My Agency
Art director: My Agency
Media agencies: Various
Exposure: Global print


Grant's, the Scottish whisky brand, is staging its first image overhaul for six years by giving global ad support to its premium product, Grant's 12 Year Old.

The initiative is being spearheaded by a print campaign illustrating the complex blending of the whisky to create a more fulfilling experience for drinkers.

One execution features whisky landing in a glass to create a maze, while another shows whisky droplets transforming themselves into jigsaw puzzle pieces. A third shows whisky forming the Grant's family tree. The campaign is being supported by digital and experiential activity. It will break in Russia before a global roll-out.