The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Expandable
Client: David Roman, vice-president marketing and communications, HP
Brief: Launch the HP TouchSmart PC
Creative agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Writer: Jordan Kramer
Art directors: Tavish MacLellan, Ricardo Landim
Planner: Lorenzo Bresciani
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Production company: Psyop, Los Angeles
Directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick
Editors: Cass Vanini, Brett Goldberg, Brett Nicholetti
Post-production: Psyop
Audio Post-production: 740 Sound Design
Exposure: National and cable TV, cinema, online


HP is raising the stakes in the PC marketing war by launching its TouchSmart series, a product that features a touchscreen that takes users straight to the music, photos and videos on their PCs.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco created this new TV spot showing how it is possible to use the touchscreen to navigate the HP PC's entertainment offerings - even to draw pictures.

This is illustrated in the film by showing a user "conducting" his PC to the music of Vivaldi's Four Seasons as the machine spectacularly demonstrates its capabilities.

The agency said the aim of the campaign was to get people excited about what HP claims is a revolutionary product marking the first in a new generation of PCs.

Project: Braveheart, Gisele, Rocky
Client: David Foulds, vice-president advertising, PepsiCo Beverages
International (Colas)
Brief: Associate Pepsi Max with having fun and not passing up
Creative agency: CLM BBDO
Writer: Leo Berne
Art director: David Bertram
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Chris McCarthy
Production company: Irene
Director: Steve Ayson
Post-production: Irene
Audio Post-production: AOC
Exposure: TV worldwide, excluding the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico


Pepsi Max takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the ups and downs of living life to the full in a new burst of advertising directed at the world's twentysomethings.

CLM BBDO in Paris, Pepsi's lead global agency outside North America, has created the three new TV spots that link the brand to having fun with friends and never passing up opportunities.

Each film features a young man about to take up a bizarre challenge, including trying to fly a crudely built helicopter and tumbling down a terrace while inside a giant spring coil.

In each case, the protagonist asks for the kick of a Pepsi Max, which appears in the form of a Braveheart character, a Rocky-style boxing trainer or a fabulous supermodel urging him on.

Project: Whoosh
Clients: John Pranger, marketing manager; Babi Kahveci, assistant
advertising manager, Honda Australia
Brief: Launch the Accord Euro into Australia
Creative agency: DraftFCB, Melbourne
Writers/art directors: Evan Roberts, Mick Bakos, Mat Garbutt, Scott
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planners: Kate Graham, Justine Bucci
Production company: Revolver Films
Director: Steve Rogers
Editor: Bernard Garry
Post-production: Bean Colour
Audio Post-production: Risk Sound
Exposure: National TV


Honda is launching the latest version of the Accord Euro, its compact hatchback, into the Australian market with ads that emphasise the exhilaration of driving the car.

A new TV spot draws on the talents of some of the country's leading stunt co-ordinators. It compares the Accord Euro driving experience to flying across the countryside and sweeping effortlessly along its roads.

The new model boasts a more powerful engine and more eco-friendly exhaust emissions than its predecessor.

DraftFCB in Melbourne produced the spot under the theme: "Absolute precision you can feel."

Scott Lambert, the agency's creative director, said: "In this category, most ads just have 30 seconds of driving footage on a winding road and we know, through research, that the target audience is bored with it."

Project: Delivery
Client: R Suhendar, product manager, Otsuka
Brief: Launch Soyjoy bar into Singapore
Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Writer: Renee Lim
Art director: Maurice Wee
Planners: Samira Siddique, Jacqueline Yeh
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Charmaine Deng
Production company: DigiPost, New Zealand
Director: Dan Taylor
Exposure: National TV


Soyjoy, a new fruit and soy bar, assumes the unlikely role of a newborn baby for its launch into Singapore.

The campaign was created by Ogilvy & Mather, which won the assignment from Soyjoy's manufacturer, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, after a three-way pitch in February.

The campaign, which includes press, outdoor and PR activity, is being spearheaded by an animated 30-second TV spot in which a soy-headed male character's hawthorn berry-headed partner gives birth.

"Congratulations," a nurse tells him, "it's a bar."