The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Tornado
Clients: Matthew Barwell, marketing director; Erik Uddenberg, regional
brand director; Simon Breckon, regional marketing manager, Guinness,
Diageo Africa
Brief: Dramatise the unique brewing process of Guinness
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Writer: Alice Gnodde
Art director: Larissa Elliott
Planners: Karl Bates, Yuki Molteni
Media agency: n/s
Production company: Stink Films
Director: Martin Krejci
Editor: Robota-Filip Malasek
Post-production: Absolute Post, The Mill
Audio Post-production: Scramble
Exposure: TV in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya


Guinness is embarking on a fresh round of advertising in Africa with a special focus on Nigeria, its second-largest market after Ireland.

A new TV commercial is the latest in the brand's "greatness in every drop" campaign, which first appeared two years ago.

Devised by Saatchi & Saatchi creatives in London and South Africa, the spot aims to dramatise the magic and mystery of Guinness by featuring scientists appearing to harness the power of a tornado to produce the brew.

The success of Guinness in Africa, where net sales grew by 13 per cent last year, is a legacy of the early days of the British Empire. At that time, the product could be brewed in Dublin, put aboard a sailing ship and emerge in a perfectly drinkable state several weeks later.

Project: Innovation in motion
Client: Smith & Nephew
Brief: Showcase Smith & Nephew's next generation of joint replacements
Creative agency: Ogilvy New York
Writer: n/s
Art director: Daniella Tineo-Cohn
Planner: Tracy MacFarlane
Media agency: Ogilvy New York
Media planner: Melanie Baublis
Production company: Psyop
Directors: Eben Mears, Mate Steinforth
Post-production: Psyop
Exposure: National TV


Smith & Nephew, the pharmaceuticals giant, is turning to TV in the US to promote its new generation of hip and knee replacements in the face of growing demand.

There are currently more than 500,000 hip replacements a year in the US and experts predict an 80 per cent increase in that figure by 2030 as the country's population ages.

The animated commercial created by Ogilvy New York presents people taking part in a variety of outdoor activities with hi-tech hip joints that obviate the need for natural bone to be removed and knee joints that are an alternative to a total knee replacement.

A voiceover tells viewers: "For a generation that never met a challenge it couldn't run, bike or climb over, we present the next generation of joint replacements."

Project: Harbourfront campaign
Clients: Natalie Morrissette, vice-president marketing and
communication; Judy Bounds, marketing manager, The Weather Network
Brief: Remind people that The Weather Network is the authority for local
weather forecasts
Creative agency: Taxi, Toronto
Writer: Mike Blackmore
Art director: Jeff MacEachern
Planner: Lucy Goode
Media agency: Media Experts
Exposure: Outdoor in Toronto's Harbourfront Centre


The Weather Network, the Canadian cable channel that provides weather information 24 hours a day, is running an offbeat outdoor campaign promoting its capacity to deliver accurate forecasts for small local areas.

The advertising is concentrating on Toronto's Harbourfront Centre with signs that deliver weather-related messages about that specific location.

The ads talk about water levels, wind speeds, cloud cover, ultraviolet rays and even how fast ice-cream will melt in relation to prevailing temperatures.

The Taxi agency in Toronto created the campaign for the channel, which has been broadcasting since September 1988.

Project: Be magnetised
Client: Vincent Ricoux, marketing director, Peugeot Imported Vehicles
Brief: Launch the Peugeot 207CC into China
Creative agency: Spark Communications
Writer: Joyce Xing
Art directors: Danny Yin, Eric Shen
Media agency: Spark Communications
Illustrator: Fangping Zhu
Photographer: Francisco Salvado Sebastiao
Exposure: Motor and style magazines


Peugeot is launching its 207CC convertible into China with a print campaign targeting the country's well-heeled and style-conscious thirtysomethings under the theme: "Be magnetised."

The advertising spearheads an integrated campaign by Shanghai's Spark Communications, which includes events and online activity, positioning the model as an affordable fashion item while reinforcing its innovative features.

The 207CC model is intended to replace the 206CC, which became the UK's most popular convertible.