The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Three personalities
Client: Helen Wu, director of Volkswagen marketing and sales, VW China
Brief: Promote the Touareg's combination of luxury, sports performance
and off-road capabilities
Creative agency: DMG
Writers: Leo Dong, Tian Lifang
Art directors: Kelvin Lai, Gao Bo, Zhao Henyu, Zhao Jingyang
Media agency: DMG
Media planner: Jasmine Zhang
Photographer: Huiteng
Retouching: Zhao Jingyang
Exposure: National magazines


Volkswagen has introduced three dramatically different characters to emphasise the top selling points of its mid-sized sports utility vehicle, the Touareg, to would-be Chinese customers.

An English aristocrat in front his castle, a racing driver ready for action and a mountaineer poised to abseil off a cliff feature in the work promoting the model's luxury, sports performance and off-road capabilities.

The trio are appearing in a nationwide print campaign and on a website where they talk about their lives and why they drive a Touareg.

Dan Mintz, the chief creative officer of Beijing's DMG, which produced the campaign, said: "We wanted to humanise the Touareg and drive our audiences to empathise with the characters."

The Touareg, which first appeared in 2003, is a joint development by VW and Porsche.

Project: Because we run
Client: Mary O'Brien, vice-president marketing, Saucony
Brief: Create an emotional connection between Saucony and dedicated
Creative agency: Mechanica
Writer: Jim Garaventi
Art director: Elizabeth Delana
Media agency: Optimedia, New York
Photographer: Tibor Nemeth
Exposure: Specialist running magazines


Saucony, the US running shoe manufacturer, is launching a new print advertising campaign aimed at establishing an emotional link between the brand and dedicated runners.

The ads, under the theme "Because we run", feature moments shared by runners both when they take part in an event and after it.

Mechanica, in Newburyport, Massachusetts, created the campaign for the Boston-based Saucony.

The company, whose roots go back to 1906, was bought in June 2005 by the Stride Rite Corporation, whose brands include Keds and Sperry Top-Sider.

Saucony also makes high-quality track spike shoes and cross-country racing flats.

Project: Fridge magnet
Clients: Tanya Clarke, head of marketing, Guinness & Smithwicks, Grainne
Wafer, senior marketing manager, Guinness On-Trade & Smithwicks, Diageo
Brief: Dramatise how the energy in Guinness acts as magnet to fridges
Creative agency: Irish International BBDO
Writer: Mark Nutley
Art director: Pat Hamill
Planner: Sean Whitaker
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Emer McHugh
Production company: Sonny
Director: Fredrik Bond
Editor: Tim Thornton, Marshall Street Editors
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio post-production: Grand Central Studios
Exposure: National TV


Fridges causing chaos as they appear to take on a life of their own are the unlikely subjects of a new TV spot extolling the virtues of chilled Guinness in cans.

Filmed by Irish International BBDO in Buenos Aires, the film opens with fridges crashing on their sides and being chased by passers-by as they travel down city streets.

Meanwhile, cans of Guinness Draught are seen vibrating and rumbling inside a delivery truck.

The mystery is solved when the fridges are drawn to the truck, which has become a huge magnet.

The special effects for the production are the work of Kelly Kerby, whose TV credits include The X-Files.

The TV campaign is being complemented by outdoor, radio, online and below-the-line activity.

Project: Bride, 80s
Client: Ron Simone, senior vice-president marketing and business
strategy, Herbal Magic
Brief: Create a campaign that resonates with women trying to lose weight
Creative agency: Taxi
Writer: Jess Willis
Art director: Maria Lishman
Media agency: n/s
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Spy Films
Director: Trevor Cornish
Post-production: Relish
Audio post-production: Song & Patter
Exposure: National TV


Herbal Magic, Canada's largest weight-loss company, has turned its back on the traditional "before and after" formula in new TV advertising aimed at connecting emotionally with women wanting to lose weight.

Created by Taxi, the campaign is based on the idea that people who become overweight feel almost as if they've lost themselves. Two new ads that deliver the message are set in a "lost and found" department visited by women who have "lost themselves". They show the manager pictures of how they looked years earlier.

Herbal Magic, which operates 350 centres, wants to capitalise on government statistics that say almost 60 per cent of Canadians are overweight or obese.