The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Timeline, pep talk
Clients: Lilian Tomovich, vice-president senior business leader, brand
marketing; Nicole Avery, director brand marketing; Milos Vranesevic,
director brand marketing, MasterCard
Brief: Link MasterCard to what's "priceless" about hockey
Creative agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto
Writer: Wade Hesson
Art director: Robert Kingston
Media agency: Marketel McCann Erickson
Media planner: Julie Bernier
Production company: Suneeva Films
Director: Laurence Thrush
Editors: David Baxter, Tyler Hopkins, Panic & Bob
Post-production: David Whiteson, Crush
Exposure: National TV, online


Bobby Orr, considered one of the greatest ever ice-hockey players, has been signed by MasterCard, which is building its profile in Canada by linking itself to the country's official national winter sport.

The ads, through MacLaren McCann in Toronto, are an extension of MasterCard's long-running "priceless" campaign.

Orr stars in a spot inspired by the knee problems that ended his career in 1979 after spells with the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Black Hawks.

It shows what appears to be a timeline charting the highlights of Orr's career but is actually the operation scar on his knee. The endline is: "Enjoying your place in history. Priceless."

The other film shows an ice-hockey coach standing silently in front of his team before a big game. A voiceover tells viewers: "Knowing what they want to hear. Priceless."

Project: Everything's sexier in Paris
Client: Paris Las Vegas
Brief: Reinforce the idea that Paris Las Vegas offers an environment in
which everybody and everything feels sexier
Creative agency: R&R Partners
Writer: Chris Hagan
Art director: Mark Naparstek
Media agency: In-house
Photographer: Steve Belkowitz
Retouching: Steve Belkowitz
Exposure: National magazines


Paris Las Vegas, the Sin City hotel and casino, is extending its irreverent print campaign, which claims that "everything's sexier in Paris".

The Vegas-based R&R Partners created the campaign, which features inanimate objects overcome by passion.

They include the figures on the top of a wedding cake caught in a compromising position and beer taps in the shape of Napoleon and Marie Antoinette snatching a kiss. The new work is the latest phase of a campaign that has previously targeted gay and lesbian potential customers.

Paris Las Vegas, owned and operated by Harrah's Entertainment, is themed on the city of Paris. Its attractions include a five-eighths scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, a neon sign in the shape of the Montgolfier brothers' balloon and a two-thirds size model of the Arc de Triomphe.

Project: Citizen of light
Client: Shuichiro Yamashita, general manager, corporate communications
department, Citizen Holdings
Brief: Promote Citizen's new watch technology
Creative agency: Tugboat
Writer/art director: Yasumichi Oka
Media agency: Daiko Advertising
Production company: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Director: Shinya Nakajima
Editors: Tutomu Miyazaki, Yoshinori Makino
Exposure: National TV


The part that light plays in Japanese culture is being emphasised in TV advertising promoting a new generation of environmentally friendly Citizen watches.

Citizen claims its newly developed technology enables its watches to charge up not just from solar power but from a light with an output as small as that of a single lightning bug.

Tugboat, the Tokyo-based creative hotshop, created the commercial, which was shot in the city of Kyoto.

"Through a traditional Japanese culture that plays with lights, I thought we could communicate the sensitivity of the technology and benefit from the brand origin," Yasumichi Oka, Tugboat's creative director, said.

"The commercial turned out to be very beautiful. It could work as a spot to promote Japan as a travel destination."

Project: Clouds
Client: Marcel Sacco, marketing director, Schincaroil
Brief: Express Schin's multi-faceted personality
Creative agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA
Writer: Victor Sant'Anna
Art directors: Felipe Luchi, Joao Jackel
Media agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA
Media planners: Luiz Ritton, Cecila Araujo
Illustrators: MZK, Sophie Bouxon, Speto, Will Murai, Elisa Sassi
Retouching: Andre Santos
Exposure: National magazines


Five graphic artists, representing a wide range of styles, have been drafted in to create a new campaign for Schin, the Brazilian bottled water brand.

The five were each invited to focus on a particular aspect of what the brand represents - fashion, gastronomy, wine, sport and the feminine universe.

Lew'Lara\TBWA in Sao Paulo, which created the campaign, says it was developed to mirror the different tastes and behaviour of bottled water drinkers.

All the artists were given the freedom to exploit their particular styles for the campaign, which carries the message: "Two-thirds of you is water."