The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Cash cowboy
Client: Robert Glaesener, general manager, Internaxx
Brief: Show how easy it is to open an offshore account with Internaxx
and to trade in international markets
Creative agency: Amsterdam Worldwide
Writers/art directors: Mathieu, Joy-Ann Bouwmans
Planner: Jonathan Fletcher
Media agency: n/s
Production company: Adamsky, Stockholm
Director: Marcus Soderlund
Editor: Marcus Soderlund
Post-production: Milford, Stockholm
Audio Post-production: Alan Van Ramshorst, Studio Alfred Klaassen
Exposure: CNBC Europe, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg TV Europe, online


A cowboy whose companion on the trail turns out to be a laptop is the star of a new commercial for Internaxx, the online brokerage service.

Hank, who is played by a real US cowboy, is seen reminiscing about the past when middlemen traditionally dealt with offshore investments.

However, he acknowledges that Internaxx has made things "a darned sight easier" because he needs only a computer to trade.

The Luxembourg-based Internaxx, a joint venture between TD Waterhouse and Fortis, offers real-time share dealing, FX and derivatives trading to investors worldwide.

Amsterdam Worldwide - formerly StrawberryFrog Amsterdam - shot the film in Spain's Tabernas Desert in Almeria, the location used for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and many other spaghetti westerns.

Project: Icons
Clients: Jean-Charles Hits, marketing director; Crist Scott,
communications director, Parker
Brief: Build Parker's reputation as the market leader in premium writing
Creative agency: McCann Erickson Paris
Writer: n/a
Art directors: Gerald Schmite, Tim Burton
Media agency: Universal McCann London
Exposure: Newspapers and outdoor in Russia, Poland, Germany, France


Tim Burton, the artist and film-maker whose credits include Batman, Beetlejuice and Mars Attacks!, tells his life story through pictures drawn by himself in new print advertising for Parker pens.

McCann Erickson Paris drafted in Burton to create the work, intended to be the curtain-raiser for the launch of a new range of Parker premium products over the next five years. The campaign, across four markets, runs under the theme: "Write your own story."

Parker, which produced its first pens in the 1890s, led the worldwide market for writing instruments before the development of the ballpoint pen. The UK's Collett Dickenson Pearce produced some of its most famous ads for the brand during the 60s and 70s.

Project: Let the healing begin
Client: Terry Jicinsky, senior vice-president marketing, Las Vegas
Convention and Visitors Authority
Brief: Invite people to celebrate the end of the presidential election
with a trip to Las Vegas
Creative agency: R&R Partners
Writer: Leo Dekelbaum
Art director: Jessica Hazen
Media agency: R&R Partners
Media planner: Dave Kersey
Production company: Ebb & Flow Productions
Director: Shaun Conrad
Editor: Kevin Anderson, Rex Edit
Post-production: Pete Mayor, Vendetta Post
Audio Post-production: Mitch Dorf, POP Sound
Exposure: Online


The public agency charged with boosting Las Vegas visitor numbers is building on its reputation for raunchy advertising with a new viral campaign timed to coincide with the end of the race for the White House.

It takes a tongue-in-cheek view of the outcome by suggesting that erstwhile political rivals might like to bury the hatchet by enjoying the delights of the Nevada gambling haven.

The spot, shot in soft focus, features a man and a woman, each wearing lapel badges of the Democratic and Republican parties, shedding their clothes before going skinny-dipping.

The film was produced by the Las Vegas-based R&R Partners for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The LVCVA is funded by a room tax on hotels in the Las Vegas area. The city attracts almost 40 million visitors a year.

Project: Books and beyond
Client: The Alberta Library
Brief: Highlight the fact that Alberta's libraries have a lot more to
offer than just books
Creative agency: Rethink
Writer: Katie Ainsworth
Art director: Chad Kabigting
Media agency: Kick Media
Media planner: Carla Shaw
Production company: Holiday Films, Toronto
Directors: Adam & Dave
Editor: Melanie Snagg
Post-production: Tonic Post
Audio Post-production: KOKO Productions
Exposure: TV in Alberta, online


A consortium of libraries across the Canadian province of Alberta has launched new TV advertising aimed at sustaining their popularity during the internet age.

The four ads, through the Rethink agency in Vancouver, feature a series of comedy vignettes showing how libraries can impact on people's lives in all sorts of ways.

The campaign is on behalf of The Alberta Library, which comprises more than 290 member libraries within the province. The consortium was created in 1997 to allow libraries to work together to take advantage of changing technologies and seize new opportunities.

As a result, TAL chiefs claim that visitors to even the smallest Alberta library have access to more than 30 million sources of information.