The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: World summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
Client: Maurizio Spagnulo, communication director, Lancia
Brief: Show Lancia's support for the Nobel Peace Prize world summit
Creative agency: Armando Testa
Writers: Dario Digeronimo, Daniele Bona
Art directors: Raffaele Balducci, Dario D'Angelo
Media agency: NC2
Production company: Little Bull
Director: Enrico Coletti
Post-production: Little Bull
Audio Post-production: Little Bull
Exposure: European TV


Lancia has driven into political territory with new advertising linking the Italian car-maker with the campaign to free the imprisoned Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi.

A former Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi is conspicuous by her absence in a commercial produced by Armando Testa to mark the ninth Nobel Peace Prize summit in Paris.

The TV spot shows a number of Nobel Peace Prize winners arriving for the summit in a fleet of Lancia Deltas. They include Mikhail Gorbachev, Lech Walesa and FW De Klerk, the former leaders of the Soviet Union, Poland and South Africa respectively, as well as Ingrid Betancourt.

A Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Betancourt was freed by Columbian rebels last year after six years in captivity.

The final car, which should have carried Aung San Suu Kyi, arrives with no passenger. A voiceover dedicates the film to "a prisoner in her own country".

Project: Make the journey
Client: Kenya Tourist Board
Brief: Promote Kenya as a tourist and business destination
Creative agency: Turner Commercial Productions
Writer/art director: John Malone
Media agency: n/a
Production company: Turner Commercial Productions
Director: John Malone
Editor: Paul Kiff
Post-production: Turner Commercial Productions
Audio Post-production: Michael Burdett Music
Exposure: International TV


Kenya is out to build on its ancestral ties to the incoming US president, Barack Obama, and to recover from the recent election violence that disfigured its international image, in new advertising to boost visitor numbers.

The country aims to position itself as Africa's pre-eminent tourist destination with a campaign that showcases the culture and people of Kenya and invites visitors to "make the journey".

The advertising is being spearheaded by two 60-second spots from Turner Commercial Productions.

They are shot in a travelogue style, taking in Kenya's undersea wonders, its wildlife and ancient Swahili cities.

Kenyan tourism dropped by more than a third in the first half of 2008 after the election clashes. Tourism chiefs estimate it will take more than a year for numbers to recover.

Project: Live with chivalry
Clients: Martin Riley, international marketing director; Sophie Gallois,
international brand director, Chivas Regal
Brief: Strengthen Chivas Regal's premium positioning in mature and
emerging markets
Creative agency: Euro RSCG London
Writers: Mark Hunter, Brendan Wilkins
Art directors: Glenn Gibbins, Rod Kavanagh
Planner: Russ Lidstone
Media agency: n/s
Production companies: RSA, Amarillo Films
Directors: Johan Renck, Rob Sanders
Editors: The Quarry, Final Cut
Post-production: The Mill, The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: 750mph, Wave
Exposure: TV, cinema, online


A series of vignettes on the theme of male bonding is featured in a fresh round of global advertising by Chivas Regal, the Pernod Ricard-owned premium Scotch whisky brand.

Using the line "live with chivalry", the campaign, through Euro RSCG London, aims to update the meaning of chivalry by inviting men to become modern "knights".

It extends the long-running theme of Chivas Regal advertising, which links the brand with an exuberant attitude to life.

Chivas Regal, which claims market leadership of its sector, has seen a sales growth of 40 per cent during the past four years.

The new advertising is intended to strengthen the brand's premium positioning in mature and emerging markets. It sets out to show that fulfillment and success comes from more than material wealth and self-interest.

Project: Teaching habits
Client: Vishal Bhola, marketing development director, Pepsodent
Brief: Make Pepsodent relevant to each new generation
Creative agency: Lowe Bangkok
Writer: Chaya Kusuma
Art director: Chaya Kusuma
Media agency: Lowe Bangkok
Production companies: Saville, ChiliRed Productions
Director: Fernando Vallejo
Editor: Paul Makridis, Finito
Exposure: TV in Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka


Pepsodent, the Unilever-owned toothpaste brand, is looking to secure its long-term future in key Far Eastern markets by encouraging parents to pass on the night brushing habit to their children.

Lowe Bangkok created the TV campaign, which shows how, with Pepsodent's help, a mother teaches her child the importance of brushing her teeth. Over the years, the child grows up to pass on the lesson to her own children.

A voiceover tells viewers: "Teach your child the night brushing habit while they're young and they'll carry the habit through their life."