The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Steinlager Pure
Clients: Stephen Smith, marketing director; Kerry Wheeler, marketing
manager, Lion Nathan New Zealand
Brief: Emphasise the purity of Steinlager Pure
Creative agency: Publicis Mojo Auckland
Writers/art directors: Stephen McKenzie, Lachlan McPherson, Mikhail
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Emma Whyte
Production company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Noah Marshall
Editor: Tim Mauger
Exposure: National TV, online


The brewer of Steinlager Pure draws inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources - New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy - in new advertising starring the US Oscar-nominated actor Willem Dafoe.

Dafoe, whose movie credits include Platoon, Mississippi Burning and The English Patient, was drafted in as part of a campaign to link the country's nuclear stance to Steinlager's purity.

New Zealand established a nuclear-free zone around itself more than 20 years ago, and has renounced the nuclear deterrent.

The commercial, through Publicis Mojo, features Dafoe walking around an aircraft carrier as he muses on New Zealand's steadfast refusal to let his country bring its nuclear weaponry anywhere near "your tiny little island on the other side of the world".

However, having sampled Steinlager Pure, he declares: "I guess some things are worth protecting."

Project: The walker
Clients: Axel Soyez, marketing manager, Volkswagen; Emmanuel t'Kint,
advertising manager, Volkswagen D'leteren
Brief: Launch VW Polo equipped with mobile PSP that includes a GPS
Creative agency: DDB Belgium
Writer: Ken Berghs
Art director: Seb De Roover
Planner: Steven Cosyns
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Tom Lemaitre
Production company: Caviar
Director: Wim Reygaert
Exposure: National TV


A man living in a topsy-turvy world is the star of a TV spot promoting a special-edition VW Polo equipped with a PlayStation Portable that includes a global navigation satellite system.

DDB Belgium created the commercial, in which the man uses his PSP to navigate his way up walls and across ceilings before emerging through a cardboard box in front of his Polo. The endline is: "More fun getting there."

First introduced in 1975, the Volkswagen supermini has undergone four relaunches and sells in hatchback, saloon, coupe and estate variants. A fifth generation of the Polo is expected to appear later this year.

Project: Borsenweisheiten
Client: Uta Kraemer, advertising executive, CMC Markets Germany
Brief: Raise awareness of financial spread-betting in Germany
Creative agency: Shanghai DGM
Writers: Stefan Karl, Klaus Bender
Art directors: Heiner Rogge, Thomas Kirchner, Melanie von Saint-Paul
Planners: Michael Moser, Claudia Poelke
Media agency: Maxus
Production company: Giraffentoast
Director: Philipp Braun
Exposure: National TV, online


Financial spread-betting - popular in the UK but relatively unknown in Germany - is being promoted in a national profile-raising campaign by the online trading company CMC Markets.

The campaign, through the Berlin agency Shanghai DGM, is based on the theme of Borsenweisheiten. The term is strongly associated with Andre Kostolany, a world-renowned stock-market expert and speculator who worked most of his life in Germany and France.

He was a great believer in Germany's ability to rebuild itself after World War Two, and predicted the country's economic boom.

Project: Whopper Sacrifice
Client: Burger King
Brief: Build the Burger King brand via Facebook
Creative agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
Writer: Joel Kaplan
Art director: Saman Rahmanian
Media agency: n/a
Interactive designer: John Whitmore
Interactive development: Refresh Partners, Ascent Marketing Partner
Exposure: Online


In a campaign that was launched and scrapped within a matter of days, Burger King US put loyalties to the test with a new Facebook application that "bribed" users with the offer of a free Whopper if they deleted ten friends from their profile page.

Crispin Porter & Bogusky created the initiative, which enabled people to visit the Whopper Sacrifice website (www.whoppersacrifice.com) and select ten friends to be removed from their friends list.

Usually, no announcement is made when a friend is removed from Facebook. However, the Burger King application created an update to inform the deleted friend that they had been "sacrificed for a free Whopper" on their wall.

It was this update that fell foul of Facebook's privacy policy last week and led to the campaign being pulled - but not before it had received high volumes of PR coverage.