The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Samples
Client: Kimberley Gardiner, national marketing and communications
manager, Scion
Brief: Show how the individuality of Scion owners ties them together
Creative agency: ATTIK
Writers/art directors: Ron Lim, Stan Zienka
Media agency: Zenith Media
Media planner: Michael Delaney
Production company: Imaginary Forces
Director: Simon Needham
Editor: Justine Gerenstein
Post-production: Imaginary Forces
Audio Post-production: Face The Music
Exposure: National cable TV and cinema


Toyota is putting fresh advertising support behind the Scion, the model targeted mainly at Generation Y consumers with a national campaign under the theme: "United by individuality."

It is being spearheaded by a commercial that uses animation in an effort to show how the model can be customised to reflect the personality of its owner.

The spot is an extension of the campaign that began last summer, and also embraces print and billboard advertising.

Last year's campaign featured more than 300 Scion owners and their vehicles. "They think of us as more than just a car company, and their peers are like family," Nancy Inouye, Scion's advertising and media manager, said.

Simon Needham, the creative director of ATTIK, which produced the campaign, said it intended to show how the individuality of Scion owners also tied them together.

Project: Play big
Client: Howard Pickett, chief marketing officer, Mammoth Mountain
Brief: Boost number of visitors to Mammoth Mountain
Creative agency: David & Goliath
Writer: Sean Vij
Art director: David Cuccinello
Media agency: Initiative Media, San Diego
Exposure: Outdoor in Los Angeles


Mammoth Mountain, Southern California's largest ski resort, has launched a dramatic billboard campaign to boost visitor numbers.

Created by the Los Angeles agency David & Goliath, the billboard is transformed into a half-pipe, with what appears to be a real snowboarder leaping high above it.

David Angelo, the agency's chief creative officer, said: "We didn't want to just tell people about Mammoth's new direction. We wanted to show them something that was more visceral."

Mammoth Mountain comprises 3,500 acres of terrain as well as an 11,000-feet peak.

The "play big" theme is being carried from the outdoor activity into other promotions, which include a giant trail map. Instead of being pocket-sized, it is almost seven-feet wide.

Project: Ode
Client: Fernando Massa, advertising manager, Movistar
Brief: Publicise Movistar's ten-cents-a-minute promotion
Creative agency: Young & Rubicam, Lima
Writers: Flavio Pantigoso, Cesar Godenzi
Art director: Oscar Takahashi
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Paola Pagan
Production company: Cinesetenta
Director: Mauricio Hidalgo
Post-production: Cinesetenta
Audio Post-production: Digital Audio
Exposure: National TV


Peru's ten-cent coin, unwanted and largely forgotten, makes its TV comeback in new national TV advertising promoting Movistar Latin America's leading mobile phone company.

The Young & Rubicam agency in Lima has returned the coin to star status in a commercial promoting the Movistar service that allows customers to talk for ten cents a minute.

The spot takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the coin's fall from grace, showing it getting lost down sofas, being dropped down drains and clogging up vacuum cleaners. However, a voiceover tells it: "The day of your redemption has come."

Movistar, which is owned by Telefonica Moviles, operates across Latin America and in Spain; many of its networks were acquired from BellSouth.

Project: Five seconds earlier
Clients: Dale Storey, Ivan Guillen, Jordan Dow, Jennie Record, marketing
executives, Pillsbury Pizza Pops
Brief: Tell teenagers that Pizza Pops are loaded with fillings
Creative agency: Cossette Communications, Toronto
Writer: Tom Greco
Art director: Colin Brown
Media agency: Zenith Media
Media planner: Crystal Oxley
Production company: Holiday Films
Director: Scott Corbett
Editor: David Baxter, Panic & Bob
Post-production: Amigo
Audio Post-production: Rocco Gagliese, Eggplant
Exposure: National TV


A robot, a dwarf, a monkey and some exploding goo form an unlikely combination in a new campaign for Pizza Pops, the snack brand produced by the Pillsbury subsidiary of General Mills.

Directed squarely at the teen market, the four commercials use anarchic humour to emphasise the product's densely packed fillings.

Each spot starts with the aftermath of a Pizza Pop explosion before going back a few moments in time to show what caused it.

Scott Corbett, who directed the ads, said: "The main thing was to make them as funny as possible and as memorable as they could possibly be, and not screw them up in all the obvious ways."