The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Thatchers
Client: Justine Donohoe, marketing manager Carlsberg, Diageo Ireland
Brief: Show Carlsberg's social side by demonstrating its drinkers can
live beyond the obvious
Creative agency: Irish International BBDO
Writers/art directors: Mal Stevenson, Bernie Martin, Paddy Geraghty
Media agency: Initiative
Media planners: Jenny Byrne, Tracy-Ann Goodwin
Production company: MJZ
Director: Lenny Dorfman
Editor: Neil Smith
Post-production: Windmill Lane Pictures
Audio Post-production: Number 4 Studios
Exposure: National TV


Carlsberg has drawn on the prevailing economic climate with a new TV commercial that offers Irish drinkers some light relief from the recession.

Irish International BBDO in Dublin produced the 40-second spot featuring three thatchers using their ingenuity to navigate their way through the economic downturn.

The ad opens outside a thatched pub where the men are finishing some repairs to the roof and packing their tools into their van, which has "The Last Straw" written on its side.

As they discuss how they can beat the recession, one of them declares: "There must be something else we can thatch."

They find their answer on a Pacific island where they open a shop making hula skirts for the locals and tourists. A voiceover says: "It's not always A or B ... there's probably C."

Project: Our world is you
Clients: Harris Koninis, Eleni Papandreou, marketing executives, Cosmote
Brief: Promote Cosmote as understanding the individual needs of its
Creative agency: Bold Ogilvy Athens
Writers: Lina Katsimardou, Petri Capetanopoulou
Art director: Vagelis Tolias
Planner: Marina Triantafyllidou
Media agency: Mindshare
Production companies: Foss Productions, Moonlighting
Director: Harry Patramanis
Post-production: Sehsucht Hamburg
Audio Post-production: Eargoo New York
Exposure: National TV, online


Cosmote, the largest mobile network operator in Greece, is bidding to reinforce its profile with young users via new advertising with the theme "our world is you".

The initiative is being spearheaded by a 75-second film produced by Bold Ogilvy Athens. The commercial freezes a moment in time to show the different perspectives of people in the same place - a movie fan, some winter sports enthusiasts, a girl dreaming of a summer holiday, a couple in love and a party girl.

All let their imagination transform reality under the slogan: "The everyday as you see it."

The film was shot in Johannesburg and features stuntmen and professional dancers.

Cosmote claims the widest presence in South-East Europe of any mobile operator with more than ten million customers in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania.

Project: Little Red Riding Hood
Client: Olivier Francois, chief executive, Lancia
Brief: Promote the Ypsilon's exciting and surprising features
Creative agency: Armando Testa
Writer: Daniele Bona
Art director: Dario D'Angelo
Media agency: MC2
Production company: LaCasa
Director: Ago Panini
Editors: Antonio di Peppo, Andrea Bomba
Post-production: You Are
Audio Post-production: Top Digital
Exposure: National TV


The story of Little Red Riding Hood gets a modern twist in a new burst of advertising by Lancia to support its Ypsilon supermini.

Armando Testa in Milan created the spot, which attempts to show that the Ypsilon - like a fairytale - isn't what it seems.

Cinderella, Snow White and The Little Mermaid are getting similar treatment during the campaign.

In the 30-second "Little Red Riding Hood" spot, the action is set amid a dark, modern metropolis. Meanwhile, the roles of the main characters are reversed, with Little Red Riding Hood turning from prey to predator and the wolf becoming docile and affectionate.

The Ypsilon, a three-door hatchback, has become Lancia's best-selling model despite the efforts of Lancia's Fiat owner to market it as a luxury brand.

Project: Lightbulb
Client: WWF Canada
Brief: Illustrate the sham "green" claims of big business
Creative agency: DraftFCB Toronto
Writers: Chris Taciuk, Mike Richardson
Art directors: Joe Piccolo, Oliver Brooks
Planner: Ritchie Emslie
Media agency: DraftFCB Toronto
Media planners: Erin Squires, Jennifer McCrackin
Production company: OPC, Toronto
Director: Woods+Low
Editor: Johnny Devries, School Editing, Toronto
Post-production: School Editing
Audio Post-production: RMW, Toronto
Exposure: National TV


WWF Canada sets out to demolish what it claims are the "green" myths perpetrated by big business with national advertising showing the filthy process of producing an environmentally friendly lightbulb.

Created by DraftFCB Toronto, the TV spot spearheading the initiative uses children's toys and tiny figures to follow the bulb's production process from a mine in Australia to a factory in China, a cargo ship across the Atlantic and on to a truck.

It ends up at a retail outlet in North America, where a customer believes he has made an environmentally conscious decision by purchasing it.

The endline tells viewers: "You're doing your part. It's our job to help government and industry do theirs."

WWF Canada, which was founded in 1967, claims the active support of more than 150,000 Canadians.