The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Namaqualand
Client: Kevin Flynn, general manager, Lexus South Africa
Brief: Develop an above-the-line campaign to support the launch of the
new Lexus RX, focusing on its design and hybrid technology
Creative agency: DraftFCB Johannesburg
Writer: Erin Brooks
Art director: Leon Moodley
Planners: Justin Cloete, Liesel Eales
Media agency: Media Shop
Media planner: Anthea de Abreu
Production companies: Velocity Films (CPT), BUF Paris (animation)
Director: Adrian de sa Garces
Editor: Saki Bergh, Left Post Production
Post-production: Refinery
Audio Post-production: Audio Militia
Exposure: TV


DraftFCB Johannesburg has launched its latest TV spot for Lexus, supporting the brand's first performance hybrid SUV, the Lexus RX.

The spectacular process of pollination serves as the backdrop for the Lexus as it is driven along the South African savannah.

The ad emphasises just how impressive the simple "complexities" of nature, such as the blooming of a flower or a bee pollinating, really are.

The spot centres on the Lexus "engineered for the moment" positioning, and carries the strapline: "In the pursuit of perfection."

In making the spot, DraftFCB's creatives partnered with the special effects team that worked on the Batman film The Dark Knight.

Project: Dear Playstation
Clients: Peter Dille, senior vice-president of marketing and PlayStation
Network; Scott Steinberg, vice-president of product marketing, Sony
Computer Entertainment America
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Deutsch LA
Writer: Josh Fell
Art director: Ryan Dickey
Media agency: n/s
Production company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Frank Todaro
Editor: Christjan Jordan
Exposure: n/s


The fictitious PlayStation employee Kevin Butler responds to a series of customer letters in this latest work for Sony from Deutsch LA.

Butler takes on a range of guises, including "VP enough is enough" and "Director of rumor confirmation", as he answers questions.

A man asks Butler to disprove the rumour that the new PlayStation costs £299, while a disgruntled girlfriend complains that her boyfriend has yet to connect the PS3 she bought him to the internet.

The strapline is: "It only does everything."

Project: Pearl Jam
Client: Abby Ruben, Target
Brief: Highlight the fact that Pearl Jam's latest CD is available only
through the music store Target
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy Portland
Writer: Andrew Dickson
Art director: Chris Larson
Media agency: n/s
Production company: Moxie Films
Director: Cameron Crowe
Editor: Kirk Baxter
Exposure: n/s


The Jerry Maguire director, Cameron Crowe, shoots this latest spot by Wieden & Kennedy Portland for the music store Target, featuring the rock band Pearl Jam.

The band perform on stage at the Showbox theatre in Seattle; a moving backdrop shows the Target logo in an attempt to juxtapose the shop with the music.

The spot closes on an image of the band's new album artwork, as the voiceover reveals that it is available only at Target, or to download from iTunes.

Project: Cars
Client: LG
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Young & Rubicam NY
Writer: John Battle
Art director: Jeff Blouin
Media agency: n/s
Production company: Smuggler
Director: Filip Engstrom
Editor: Noah Herzog
Exposure: n/s


Toy-size cars perform high-speed chases and rapid turns in the dust in homage to movie scenes in this latest spot by Young & Rubicam NY to promote the new LG phone.

Four cars pull away from a cliff-top, while a mint-green Mustang speeds from a diner, startling a lizard. A police car gives chase to another vehicle while a yellow-and-white camper van rolls along a dusty road, perhaps calling to mind the vehicle used in Little Miss Sunshine.

All the cars arrive at a drive-in movie theatre, which is actually the LG enV Touch.