The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Two-day sale
Client: Dondi Kazukewicz, Target
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy Portland
Writers: Jason Kreher, Karl Lieberman
Art directors: Rob Kendall, Eric Baldwin
Media agency: n/s
Production company: Epoch
Director: Matt Aselton
Editor: Tommy Harden
Exposure: TV


Two sisters demonstrate different ways of preparing for the Target two-day sale in this work from Wieden & Kennedy Portland.

In a series of TV spots directed by Matt Aselton, the overachieving "sparkle sister" shows her competitive side as she trains for the sale with exercise and strategy development. Her sister, a stressed mum, prefers to approach it in a more "normal" manner, not worried about how or when she arrives at the sale.

The overachiever, however, wants to be at the sale by 5am and is intent on grabbing all the best bargains before anyone else - she even has a floorplan of the store in her prep room, which also features a makeshift version of the Target shop.

Project: James Boag's Pure
Client: Lion Nathan
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Publicis Mojo Sydney
Writers: Grant McAloon, Justine Armour
Art director: n/s
Planner: Nicole Milward
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Production company: Revolver
Director: Noam Murro
Editor: Stewart Reeves, Guillotine
Post-production: Animal Logic
Audio Post-production: Soundtree UK, Nylon Studios
Exposure: TV, cinema


Lion Nathan has teamed up with Publicis Mojo Sydney to launch the first campaign for James Boag's Pure Tasmanian lager.

The 60-second spot is set in the Tasmanian wilderness, revealing a series of unusual natural phenomena, from a burning bush to a flurry of bats to a multiplying bird and a dust storm. The tagline, "From the only place it's possible", was inspired by the product's recipe, which includes only four pure ingredients grown on and sourced from the island.

The work aims to show that it is only within this unique setting that James Boag's Pure could have been made.

The multimedia campaign consists of fiveand 30-second spots, as well as a cinema execution.

Project: Replay series
Client: Sarah Robb O'Hagan, chief marketing officer, Gatorade
Brief: Reignite the athletic spark in the brand by demonstrating how
Gatorade can reignite the athletic spark in each of us
Creative agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Writer: Brent Anderson
Art director: Steve Howard
Planner: Daniel Teng
Media agency: OMD
Production company: Caviar
Directors: Kris Belman, Scott Balcerek
Editors: Scott Balcerek, David Baum
Exposure: TV


Fifteen years after two rival high-school American football teams drew in their senior-year final game, Gatorade has reunited them for a grudge match.

TBWA\Chiat\Day has documented the gruelling preparations of the former Stateliners of Phillipsburg and the Red Rovers of Eastern players for an ad-funded TV series, entitled Replay.

Two trailers promote the docu-series, depicting the trials of the now thirtysomething athletes as they train to settle a long-held and unresolved rivalry.

Underpinning the Replay series is the strapline "Once an athlete, always an athlete", which seeks to blur the lines between professional and everyday athletes in a bid to promote Gatorade as the ideal drink for both.

Project: Shiny suds
Client: Method
Brief: Redefine clean. What consumers have been brainwashed to believe
clean is, is actually very dirty. Method is a "cleaner clean". All of
the efficacy without any of the chemicals
Creative agency: Droga5
Writer: Tim Gordon
Art director: Amanda Clelland
Planner: Jonny Bauer
Media agency: n/a
Production company: Oil Factory
Director: Tomorrow's Brightest Minds
Post-production: Absolute Post
Audio Post-production: Sound Lounge
Exposure: Online


The packaged goods company Method is endeavouring to gain people's support of the Household Products Labeling Act in this new digital campaign by Droga5.

The legislation, which is written by Senator Al Franken, states that all cleaning brands must reveal the chemical ingredients that make up their products.

The online film begins like any other ad for a cleaning product, with a Stepford-esque woman watching with pride as animated "shiny suds" make her bathtub gleam.

However, the following morning, when she returns to take a shower, she finds the suds are still there.

The now sordid suds besiege her with catcalls and lewd requests while informing her that they represent the toxic residue left over by the cleaning product she initially used.

The film is hosted at www.peopleagainstdirty.com.