The Work: New UK campaigns: 16 May 2008

The latest creative from this week's Work magazine section. Ads for BBC Get Into the Outdoors season, Strongbow, The Big Yellow, Camelot, NSPCC, Buxton, Nickelodeon, Freesat, and Waitrose.

Indiana Jones...new Camelot scratchcard
Indiana Jones...new Camelot scratchcard



Project: Get into the outdoors
Client: Kirsty Mullan, brand executive, BBC2 and Knowledge
Brief: Launch BBC2 "Get into the outdoors" series
Creative agency: Red Bee Media
Writers/art directors: Tony Pipes, Sarah Gerona
Planner: Alanna Boylan
Media agency: BBC
Media planners: Laura Mann, Mark Solanki
Production company: Red Bee Media
Directors: Tony Pipes, Sarah Gerona
Editor: Pete Fehervari
Post-production: BBC Resources
Audio Post-production: BBC Resources
Exposure: BBC2 TV, online


"Get into the outdoors" is BBC2's new series of programming for outdoor enthusiasts. To generate interest in the series, Red Bee Media has compiled a set of trailers that see five BBC2 viewers wrenched from their day jobs to embark on an adventure in Wales.

To create footage for the campaign, Red Bee Media created a three-day "survive and connect" course, which took place in the Brecon Beacons mountain range in South-East Wales.

The team had Ray Mears teaching them how to build a campfire and Bill Oddie organising a birdwatching trip. Participants were also given their own cameras to record video diaries, which have been spliced together to form the films.

Their footage, which appears online as well as across BBC2, is being used to promote a series of programmes including Ray Mears Goes Walkabout, Across the Andes, Springwatch, Wild China and Tribal Wives.



Project: Roof terrace
Client: Fiona Seath, brand manager, Strongbow and Scottish & Newcastle
Brief: Continue to persuade lager drinkers that refreshing Strongbow makes the ideal first pint
Creative agency: St Luke's
Writer: Mike Hughes
Art director: Tim Collins
Planner: Dan Hulse
Media agency: Starcom MediaVest
Media planner: Sam Brown
Production company: Rogue Films
Director: Sam Cadman
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: 750mph
Exposure: TV


"Roof terrace", the new TV ad for Strongbow, is the latest work in its "total first pint refreshment" campaign.

The 30-second spot steers the work away from its traditional pub setting and on to a sunny rooftop, as a man prepares a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend.

Pleased that he has done such a good job, he rewards himself with a chilled can of Strongbow.

As he indulges in the first taste with the Strongbow "aaah ..." sigh of satisfaction, he is unaware that pigeons and squirrels are destroying the party.

He comes out of his cider-induced trance, totally unaware of the carnage that has been caused, just as his girlfriend and the guests arrive. As he shouts "surprise", a satellite dish falls through the cake.

The ad ends with a voiceover saying the tagline: "Strongbow: total first pint refreshment."



Project: Boxes
Client: Rob Strachan, marketing director, The Big Yellow Self Storage
Brief: Increase the relevance of storage in people's lives
Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Writers/art directors: Nick Pringle, Clark Edwards
Planner: Ben Southgate
Media agency: Matters Media
Photographer: Kelvin Murray
Post-production: TAG
Exposure: Press, Times partnership


CHI & Partners has created a new press campaign for The Big Yellow Self Storage Company.

The three ads use photos on boxes as a simple demonstration of how storing things away with Big Yellow will create space in your home.

One execution features a loft filled with cardboard boxes with photographs of objects printed on them, rather than the objects themselves.

Another shows a living room with boxes with images of furniture on them, placed where that furniture would normally be found.

The campaign also attempts to tie in to the current housing market. Because people are now reconsidering moving house, making the most of their existing homes is becoming more of a priority.

The tagline reads: "Get some space in your life."



Project: Indiana Jones scratchcard
Clients: Richard Bateson, head of scratchcards; Julia Merritt, senior brand manager, Camelot
Brief: Launch the Indiana Jones scratchcard
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Milo Campbell
Art director: Sonny Adorjan
Planners: Andrew Phillips, Davey Spens
Media agencies: MPG, OMD
Production company: HSI London
Director: Andy Lambert
Exposure: TV


Camelot is jumping on the back of this summer's most-anticipated blockbuster film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, by launching a scratchcard game based on the adventuring archaeologist.

Backing the launch is a 30-second TV spot. It starts with an Indy-type character in a brown fedora and leather jacket being pulled along the floor behind a truck.

However, as the screen is scratched away, the scene changes to show him being pulled behind a speedboat on water skis. The voiceover then says: "Grab a piece of adventure with the new Indiana Jones scratchcard from the National Lottery."



Project: Heavier, let it out, undoes
Client: Ian MacArthur, deputy director of communications, NSPCC
Brief: Spring milestone activity 2008 - Childline
Creative agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi, Avenue A/Razorfish
Writer: Paul Domenet
Art director: Brian Connolly
Planner: Jane Cantellow
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Sheila Bowden
Illustrator: Mike Perry
Retouching: First Base
Exposure: Outdoor, online


Avenue A/Razorfish and Saatchi & Saatchi have teamed up to create a poster and online campaign designed to change the perception of the NSPCC's Childline service.

Recent research by the charity shows that while awareness of the Childline service is high among eight- to 16-year-olds, it is only currently associated with major issues.

The new campaign aims to show children that they can use the service to talk about any problem, whether it's big or small.

The press ads are all illustrated in a cartoon style and contain the line: "Whatever your worry, it's better out than in."

Backing this is an online campaign and a completely redeveloped website.



Project: A drop of pure Britain
Client: Buxton
Brief: Promote Buxton's Britishness
Creative agency: Publicis
Writer: Gary Turner
Art director: Jamie Marshall
Planner: Joan Devereux
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Blink
Director: Stuart Parr
Editor: Bella, Speade
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV


Buxton Natural Spring Water is celebrating Britishness this summer in two 20-second ads.

The idea behind the campaign, called "a drop of pure Britain", is to show the British attitude of enjoying summer, even if the weather is a bit crap.

In both ads, the action is shown through a droplet of water as it runs down the length of a bottle.

One spot shows a rained-off cricket game with empty chairs and a couple cowering under an umbrella. However, as the drop gets to the bottom of the bottle, the scene shows four men in fancy dress doing a conga.



Project: Wonder pets
Client: Nick Jr
Brief: n/s
Creative agencies: Joshua G2, Nick Jr in-house team
Writer: Jonathan Mazur
Art directors: Akin Akinsiku, Richard Morgan
Media agency: Universal McCann
Media planner: Rob Bellass
Production company: In-house creative team
Director: Jonathan Mazur
Exposure: TV


To back the new series of Wonder Pets on Nickelodeon's pre-school channel, Nick Jr, Joshua G2 has created a 30-second TV campaign that uses young children.

The spot shows a group of friends in fancy dress playing with a boat (much like the one the Wonder Pets use in the programme) and giggling in the back garden.

The ad then shows a scene with the Wonder Pets in it as the programme's theme music plays in the background, and finishes with them running round the boat.


Project: Freesat launch
Client: Will Abbott, marketing and communications director, Freesat
Brief: Launch Freesat, the new subscription-free digital HD TV service
Creative agency: Fallon London
Writers: Andy Lockley, Matt Keon
Art director: Andy Lockley
Planner: Charlotte Stone
Media agency: n/s
Photographer: Graeme Stewart
Retouching/typography/graphic design: Core Digital
Exposure: Print, radio, online


Fallon has created a new campaign for Freesat, the new digital satellite TV service from the BBC and ITV, which launched this week.

The work comprises a series of photographs capturing different types of housing, including suburban estates, Victorian terraces, rural cottages and urban high rises. Each shows the homes at twilight, with brightly coloured lights emanating from some of the windows. The colours of the lights are the same as those of the Freesat logo. The strapline is: "Brilliant for everyone."

The campaign is supported by a radio and digital campaign by Agency Republic.



Project: Waitrose summer DM campaign
Client: Nikky Gamble, assistant manager, direct marketing, Waitrose
Brief: Support and add weight to Waitrose's brand launch "everyone deserves"
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Writer: Jim Dye
Art director: Roxanne Messenger
Planner: Chris Ridd
Photographers: Gary Hamill (DM pack and online), Clive Streeter (online
Designer: Brad Saunders
Exposure: Direct mail


Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw is having a bit of a poke at the summer weather in its latest DM pack for Waitrose.

The mailer's outer shows a child's indoor picnic with the line "A traditionally different picnic", implying that, in Britain, sometimes parties have to be brought indoors.

Inside the pack are money-off vouchers and four picnic suggestion cards with four very different picnic ideas. There is also a link to the Waitrose website, where users can create their own picnic (whether indoors or outdoors).