The Work: Private View

CREATIVE - Mark Roalfe, executive creative director, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R

It's 5.30pm on Saturday evening and Plymouth Argyle are playing Everton in the FA Cup on ITV at the moment. I've tried quite hard over the years to become a football fan but I'm afraid it just doesn't do it for me. So I may not be the best person in the world to pass comment on this new Orange (3) campaign. The ads tell us that you can now get player interviews, pre- and post-match analysis and transfer news at Orange World. Quite frankly, I'd rather stick needles in my eyes. To my limited football knowledge, these ads lack any real insight into the clubs or the fans. The future used to be bright and orange; sadly, I'm not so sure nowadays.

Last year, the readers of Campaign - very wisely, to my mind - voted the Dove (1) poster campaign their favourite of the year. I thought it was one of the freshest campaigns of last year, and in a category that usually doesn't produce much good advertising. This year's campaign picks up the baton with the idea of "join the beauty debate". I really like the idea of "join the debate", so much so that we've been running it for The Times for the past six months.

The new Golf GTi (6) website and online campaign look pretty groovy. The site is pretty clear and easy to navigate. To me, what is really lacking here is an idea or positioning for the car like the ones we've come to expect from VW.

The One Account (4) campaign starts with young children in the 60s telling us what they want to be when they grow up. I think there's a really interesting truth in this campaign; unfortunately, the end result feels a little contrived.

The new Hyundai (5) campaign positions the brand as "A car first, a badge second", which I think is a pretty sound strategy. However, I think one of the cardinal rules of car advertising is that you have to give people a bit of a stiffy over the metal. While these ads do appeal to the head, I'm not sure there will be many stirrings down below.

The chiller cabinet, like the skin-care department, is not renowned for producing great advertising. However, this week, Muller (2) has proved that wrong. It's a 60-second song-and-dance number ending with the line: "It's a Muller life." Now I can hear you thinking a 60-second song-and-dance yoghurt ad sounds like a car crash waiting to happen, but this ad carries it off with real charm. I'm sure it wasn't easy to persuade the client to go with a 60 rather than a 30, but that's one of the reasons it works so well.

DIRECTOR - Danny Kleinman, director, Kleinman Productions

Volkswagen's online ads for the VW Golf GTi (6), the links to the website and the website itself all have a honeycomb theme. Not sure why, but I keep bees, so so far, so good. I'm not a big fan of interactive ads (too lazy) but the graphics are slick and good, the roads appear in front of the car and the short driving sequences look interesting. I assume you would already be interested in a GTi before searching these out, so the really moving illustrations with a bit of techno blurb are probably what you want.

What is beauty? I like the Dove (1) print campaign, anything that helps change our preconceptions from scowling, pouting, rigor-mortis-grinned, demented-looking adolescents to a broader definition is good, although missing out portly balding men in glasses was an oversight. Simple, graphic, good faces.

My background was illustration with the missed Ian Fleming, so I'm bound to like this Orange (3) print work. The executions are varied and idiosyncratic in a way that only illustration can be, they feel personal and quirky and make me want to study them despite my meagre interest in football.

The Muller (2) ad has a Nina Simone track that does a lot of the work. There's nice photography at off-kilter locations where the cast wacky-dance and try hard to exude a lot of joie de vivre before they get down to eating some yoghurt, but you'd be quietly led away if you really started doing some of that stuff in a supermarket car park. Bits of the dancing are interesting, I reckon there has been a bit of post jiggery-pokery here. Not groundbreaking, but better than the average Muller.

I think these good One Account (4) ads are loosely based on the excellent 7Up TV documentary series, the next instalment of which should be due this year if they are still doing them and my maths is right. There's a simple, strong concept we can all relate to: reconciling our childhood dreams with the reality of life as an adult. Personally, I just wanted to watch more TV.

I feel smug now: one of the poor buggers ends up up a mountain. My only criticism is that the children are more convincing with their to-camera performances than their adult selves.

I didn't like typography at art school, Letraset, bah! The Hyundai (5) ads are a mix of car and type, they are not interactive in an overly innovative way and I've seen raining type before. There is the odd good shot of the car. Probably the basic nature of the concept reinforces the no-nonsense nature of the message.


Project: Manifesto

Client: Abigail Storms, brand manager

Brief: Establish that Dove is a different kind of beauty brand - one

that believes in diversity

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Writers: Dennis Lewis, Joerg Herzog

Art directors: Dennis Lewis, Joerg Herzog

Photographer: Rankin

Exposure: 48- and six-sheet posters, bus sides, magazines, Tube

escalator panels, Oxford Circus "five ways"


Project: Muller brand campaign

Client: Andrew Harrison, general manager

Brief: Break the conventions of the yoghurt market to give people an

appetite for life

Agency: TBWA\London

Writer: Carol Haig

Art director: Phil Martin

Director: Jeff Thomas

Production company: The Paul Weiland Film Company

Exposure: National TV


Project: My club

Client: Darrell McLennan Fordyce, head of sports sponsorship and


Brief: Position Orange as the preferred network among each of the clubs'

fanbases through the brand's association with their club

Agency: Mother

Writer: Mother

Art director: Mother

Exposure: Specific teams' match-day programmes


Project: One Account

Client: David Ramsbottom, marketing director, One Account

Brief: Tell people that a One Account mortgage is flexible enough to

help people realise their dreams

Agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge

Writer: Charles Inge

Art director: Charles Inge

Director: Kevin Macdonald

Production company: Rogue

Exposure: Terrestrial and satellite TV


Project: Hyundai brand campaign

Client: Jim Campbell, marketing director

Brief: Position Hyundai as a brand for independent thinkers

Agency: Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest

Writer: Paul Kemp

Art director: Tim Brown

Director: Matthias Hoene

Production company: Partizan

Exposure: National TV


Project: Golf GTi pre-launch campaign

Client: Catherine Woolfe, communications manager, small cars

Brief: Announce the imminent arrival of the Golf GTi, building

anticipation and excitement

Agency: Tribal DDB

Writer: Ben Clapp

Art directors: Stephen Reed, Ben Clapp

Production company: Tribal DDB

Exposure: Internet