The World: Chicago Julie Roehm piles on the pressure in Wal-Mart fight

Julie Roehm, the former marketing chief of Wal-Mart, has upped the ante in the legal battle over her firing.

In a new court filing, she accuses Lee Scott, Wal-Mart's chief executive, of buying yachts and jewellery for his wife at preferential prices as a result of his relationship with Irwin Jacobs, whose company buys unsold Wal-Mart stock. Wal-Mart disputes this. DraftFCB lost the $570 million Wal-Mart account after two months, and Roehm was sacked after an alleged inappropriate relationship with a colleague, Sean Womack. Roehm denies showing any favouritism to DraftFCB, but admits Womack had met Howard Draft, the DraftFCB chief (pictured), to seek "advice on marriage issues".