Krass Optik - Scholz & Friends Germany

In this campaign, a glasses brand eschews the traditional means of making glasses seem cool, showing them off on a pouting model, and instead tries something different. The three spots show a teapot, a door handle and a pear all wearing Krass sunglasses and all looking disconcertingly animated. The strapline is: "The glasses make the face." Having picked up silver Lions at Cannes for four spots from an earlier stage in this ongoing campaign ("fan", "water tap", "fire extinguisher" and "bike saddle"), Scholz & Friends has extended the theme with these new spots. A fun and memorable treatment for what can sometimes seem like a staid category.

Client: Krass Optik

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin

Art director: Thana Rittirajcomporn

Writer: Florian Birkner

Photographer: Peter Langen

PlayStation 2 - TBWA Chiat Day New York

These ads promote the "eye toy", a camera that you can place above your TV to film yourself battling bad guys in PlayStation games. "Billy's on TV!" an excited mid-west town cries, as they flock to his living room to see him in action. In a second spot, a sheriff points to the TV, points at Billy and says: "If that's Billy, who's that?" Three other spots promoting the game Ratchet & Clank 2 blur the reality between real life and the game environment. The ads introduce weapons from the game, such as gravity boots and a tractor beam, into the real world where they cause complete chaos.

Client: Sony PlayStation 2

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York

Art director: Chuck Monn

Writer: Doug James

Director: Baker Smith

Production company: Harvest, Santa Monica, California

BMW - Publicis US

This ad, "summer drive", shows people indulging in traditional winter activities: children making snow angels and sleigh-riding, a snow plough out on the road and people shovelling snow from their drives. However, there is actually no snow around: the commercial highlights the all-wheel-drive performance of the BMW 3 Series. The ad tries to convey the message that the car drives so well in wintry conditions that you would think it was a genuine summer's day rather than winter. The cheerful soundtrack adds to the jolly feel of the commercial, which invites you to look at BMW in a cosier light.

Client: BMW of North America

Agency: Publicis, New York

Art director: Howard Herarte

Writer: Bryan Johnson

Director: Jim Jenkins

Production company: Hungry Man, New York

Orange - Young & Rubicam Israel

A bald man enters a hair salon ... no, it's not a bad Bernard Manning joke, it's the latest ad for Orange in Israel. The man casually leafs through the magazines, trying to ignore the stares and the double-takes. He settles down in a salon chair and points to what he wants in a magazine. At the end of the ad, all is revealed when we see that he has had his eyebrow dyed orange. The commercial is promoting a new bespoke service from Orange called "b u".

Client: Orange

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay Y&R, Tel Aviv

Art director: Oren Vermus

Writer: Amit Gal

Director: Ram Baruch

Production company: Paradiso, Tel Aviv