Portugese Federation of Disabled Athletes - Y&R Portugal

It's the Olympics this year, so all thoughts turn to the fine, able-bodied, athletic specimens who will be sporting medals and breaking world records. Yet two weeks after the main event, the Paralympic Games take place, also in Athens. It's a huge event, with 4,000 disabled athletes from 130 countries taking part. Y&R Lisbon's brief for these print ads was to promote support for the Portuguese team, and publicise its participation at the Paralympics. By using the internationally recognised "disabled" sign against a simply illustrated backdrop signifying tennis and athletics, it conveys the message simply and powerfully in terms of what the not-so-abled bodied athletes will achieve this summer.

Client: Portugese Federation of Disabled Athletes

Agency: Young & Rubicam, Lisbon

Creative director: Albano Homem de Melo

Art director: Patricia Conde

Writer: Angela Silva

Orange - BETC Euro RSCG France

This TV work for Orange focuses on the fun you can have with your mobile phone. Georges, a banker, is constantly trying to encourage the staid people around him to have fun. But his boyish antics fall flat and he's left to entertain himself. With Orange, he can play on his mobile instead. The ad follows two earlier spots, "shoot" and "the dance", which introduce the fun theme. "Shoot", for instance, shows two strangers engaging in a spontaneous game of basketball using litter and a dustbin as a makeshift ball and hoop.

Client: Orange

Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris

Art director: Agnes Cavard

Writer: Valerie Chidlovsky

Director: Dominic Murphy

Production company: Partizan Midi Minuit, Paris

VW Golf - DDB The Netherlands

The unsuspecting owner of a spanking new fifth-generation Volkswagen Golf finds himself being spontaneously hugged by other Golf drivers. To a soundtrack of The Carpenters' schmaltzy number Close To You, it seems that our poor hero can't drive for five minutes without one of the world's 22 million Golf owners wanting to cuddle him. The endline reveals all: "Welcome to the family." It's difficult for car brands to pull off this kind of emotional trick but that doesn't stop them from attempting it more and more: Ford Focus in the UK is the latest example. Yet VW manages to achieve this feelgood warmth in its advertising consistently, humorously and effortlessly.

Client: Volkswagen

Agency: DDB, Amsterdam

Art director: Michael Jansen

Writer: Bas Korsten

Director: Sam Cadman

Production company: Rogue, London

Tiger Beer - Leo Burnett Singapore

This 45-second cinema spot appears in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam to mark Chinese and Vietnamese New Year celebrations. It breaks with tradition by showing how the occasion affects non-Asians. So while Asians celebrate with Tiger Beer, a frustrated New Yorker finds his local laundry shut, a Parisian investment banker tries to call the deserted Hang Seng stock exchange, and tourists wait in vain for a taxi outside a Hong Kong museum. The endline reads: "It's our time."

Client: Tiger Beer

Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore

Art director: Goh Wee Kim

Writer: Yu Sheng Sin

Director: Nicholas Reynolds

Production company: Prodigy Films, Australia