Pony - Goodby Silverstein & Partners US

This press and poster campaign for Pony footwear launches in February in 120 countries and will be a must for style magazines. It's the first work for the brand from Goodbys, which beat the incumbent, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, and Mother New York to win it. The ads exude attitude and will no doubt spark controversy. "Luv Bird" shows a foot with attitude, depicted by an upright third toe, instead of the usual finger. "Black Jesus", shot by the photographer Claude Shade, is deemed so risque that it's not running in the US. Sasha Waldman is responsible for the hip hop look and feel of the other four ads, one of which shows a "mom" tattoo adorning a ten-month-old baby.

Client: Pony

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Art directors: Fred & Farid, Claude Shade

Writers: Fred & Farid

Photographers: Claude Shade, Sasha Waldman

Kids Help Phone - Publicis Canada

This TV spot is called "words hurt" and is part of an anti-bullying campaign that focuses on verbal abuse. Set in a Canadian high school, it shows three bullies firing off insults at their victim. The words themselves come flying out of their mouths and literally attack their target, slapping her about the face. The bullying girls then start laughing and their victim is attacked by hundreds of "ha's" which swirl about her head like a swarm of angry bees. The endline reads: "Words hurt. Don't be a part of it."

Client: Kids Help Phone

Agency: Publicis, Toronto

Art directors: Duncan Bruce, Mark Francolini

Writers: Pat Pirisi, Chris Hirsch

Director: Jordan Patriquin

Production company: Mad Films, Toronto

Shield - Lowe Bull South Africa

Dedicated to any poor soul who struggled into work using the tube during last summer's heatwave, this 20-second spot for Shield opens with a shot of a bus with passengers hanging off the outside. You think it's going to be packed inside, but instead, it's deserted apart from one lone man who's exuding a rather foul body odour. "Sometimes being smelly helps," the ad says. "For all other times there's Shield." It's beautifully shot with no dialogue and makes its point economically.

Client: Shield

Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg

Creative director: Gareth Lessing

Writer: Xander Smith

Director: Greg Gray

Production company: Velocity Films, Johannesburg