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Sci-Fi Channel - BBC Broadcast UK Whether or not you approve of the BBC's hunger for profit, the corporation's commercial creative agency, BBC Broadcast, is producing some great work.

Hot on the heels of its spot for Radio Five Live, which pitched sports commentators head to head in a rap contest, is an on-air branding campaign for the US Sci-Fi Channel.

The four spots were created by BBC Broadcast's new US office and were directed by Anton Ezer through MJZ in New York. The idents continue the cable network's "if" campaign and star Steve and Vince, two average guys who find their way out of sticky situations using sci-fi cunning. In "nightclub", one of the lads is forced into impromptu gender reassignment in order to get past the doorman. In "grandma" the duo are saved from muggers by a demonic septuagenarian with telekinetic powers.

Client: Sci-Fi Channel US

Agency: BBC Broadcast, London

Art director: Anton Ezer

Writer: Ben Friend

Director: Craig Gillespie

Production company: MJZ, New York

KNGF - Y&R The Netherlands

Young & Rubicam Amsterdam is behind a campaign for KNGF, the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Fund. The film follows a guide dog on a typical day and shows all the skills he has learned. The dog is taught his owner's height and can lead him around low branches while on a country walk. He is trained to find the till in a busy department store. Furthermore, the ad warns, as it follows the dog on to a commuter train, guide dogs can be taught to pick pockets if donations do not come flooding in. The commercial is a cert for Chris Tarrant's next tour of European advertising.

Client: KNGF (the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Fund)

Agency: Y&R Amsterdam

Creative team: Jakko Achterberg and Niels Westra

Director: Bart Timmer

Production company: Czar, Amsterdam

Dero Surf - Bartle Bogle Hegarty UK

Recent research carried out by Unilever has revealed tripe soup to be one of the most common and stubborn stains washing powders have to deal with in Romania. From this inauspicious starting point, Bartle Bogle Hegarty has created two spots that prove Dero Surf delivers on its promise to remove 99 of the most common stains. As a couple drive home from the supermarket, the wife informs her husband about the tripe soup-eradicating properties of her washing powder. This provokes a rant from the man, who tells his wife that he and his forefathers have always hated tripe soup; a rant so passionate that he takes his eyes off the road and crashes the car into the back of - you've guessed it - a tripe soup tanker.

Client: Unilever Romania

Agency: BBH London

Creative team: Matt Waller and Dave Monk

Director: Jonty Toosey

Production company: The Business, London

Wrigley - Leo Burnett Singapore

After a 12-year official absence, which drove the price of contraband through the roof, the Singaporean government has relented and partially lifted its notorious ban on chewing gum - although with the caveat that gum must have "therapeutic qualities". Leo Burnett Singapore won Wrigley's Orbit account in a three-way pitch against BBDO and Grey. It has wasted no time in devising an outdoor, press and poster campaign that highlights the beneficial aspects of the Orbit brand, while skirting around the pavement-scarring tendencies that initiated the ban in 1992. Sticks of gum double for teeth, while a graph plots an increase in the whiteness of smiles since the change in the law.

Client: Wrigley

Agency: Leo Burnett Singapore

Art director: Jon Loke

Writer: Victor Ng

Photographer: Hon (Shutterbug Photography Services, Singapore)