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Mountain Dew - BBDO US.

Spy vs Spy, the long-running Mad magazine cartoon strip featuring outlandish booby-traps that would make Wile E Coyote proud, originally started life as a piece of anti-Fidel Castro propaganda. With the help of some clever special effects, Mountain Dew has resurrected the characters for three television spots that continue the "do the dew" campaign. "Helicopter", "hallway" and "canopy" were directed by Traktor, who used a clever mixture of live-action and computer-generated effects to depict the feud between the rival spies and the lengths to which they are prepared to go to get their hands on a can of Mountain Dew.

Client: Pepsi-Cola North America

Agency: BBDO New York

Creative team: Bill Bruce and Doris Cassar

Director: Traktor

Production company: Traktor, Los Angeles

Burger King - Crispin Porter Bogusky US.

Burger King gets a haute couture makeover in a television and print campaign for its new salad, The Pouch. Hailed as the ultimate lunch accessory, The Pouch is a line of salads "from the house of BK", and not merely a bag of grilled chicken or prawns ready for you to pour over a bowl of lettuce. The television spot is directed by Roman Coppola, while the print campaign features fashion-styled spreads portraying a cat-fight over a bag of prawns and a neat handbag photoshoot with a Pouch craftily hidden among the genuine designer bags.

Client Burger King

Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky, Miami

Art directors: Geordie Stephens (TV), Kat Morris and Kevin Koller


Writers: Rob Reilly (TV) and Ronny Northrop (TV and print)

Director: Roman Coppola

Production company: The Directors Bureau, Los Angeles

Photographers: Henrik Halvarsson and Brad Tuckman

Audi - DDB The Netherlands.

DDB Amsterdam's "duel" pits car against freight train in a deadly race against time. Can the Audi A6 accelerate to beat the train over the level crossing from a standing start as the locomotive passes, or will the driver and his young son perish in a twisted wreck, albeit a beautifully engineered one? The film, directed by Mike van Diem through 25 FPS, leaves us guessing until the last possible minute, building the tension and delivering the twist with a flourish: father and son never had any intention of playing chicken - they are just enjoying a relaxed day out trainspotting. "Audi: nothing to prove", reads the endline.

Client: Audi

Agency: DDB Amsterdam

Art directors: Sanne Braam and Martin Cornelissen

Writer: Sikko Gerkema

Director: Mike van Diem

Production company: 25 FPS, Amsterdam

Mars - TBWA Australia.

Life on Mars is teeming in a parallel universe. Teenagers are hanging out in amusement arcades, giving each other furtive Martian glances, vainly attempting to pull with alien chat-up lines and enjoying a nice "Earth" bar, the confectionery that helps you "krol, varg and gwai". That's how Mars' Australian "Earth" campaign sees it, anyway. The latest spot in the award-winning series is "arcade", an effects-heavy film shot by the RSA director, Dawn Shadforth. It stars a handful of what are, presumably, attractive Martian teenagers playing "Earth Invaders" under the influence of a heavy burden of alien hormones.

Client: Mars

Agency: Whybin\TBWA\Tequila, Sydney

Art director: Linda Honan

Writer: Hilary Badger

Director: Dawn Shadforth

Production company: RSA Films, London