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Ad Council - The Martin Agency US The Martin Agency has launched a campaign to tackle political apathy among young voters in the US. Three spots, directed by the Hungry Man director David Gray, are based around unscripted vox-pop interviews with American citizens, who all express concerns about the society they live in, but ultimately dismiss their worries - including racism and the environment - as intractable: there's nothing that an individual can do to change the status quo. The commercials are deliberately left open to interpretation at the end, with no clear call to action or invitation to join a specific organisation.

Client: Ad Council

Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond

Writer: Sarah Grunden

Art director: Don Marshall Wilhelmi

Director: David Gray

Production company: Hungry Man, New York

Che magazine - Duval Guillaume Belgium

The Flemish publisher De Vrije Pers' men's title Che has launched a campaign to position itself apart from the men's magazine pack. The tongue-in-cheek executions depict what Che imagines to be the perfect world for a modern man to live in. A company family tree reveals an employment policy that borders on discriminatory, while one hangover sufferer wins a lucky reprieve from his partner's parents' wedding anniversary.

Client: Che

Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp

Creative team: Stef Selfslagh, Stijn Gansemans

Photographers: Kurt Stallert, Diego Franssen

Motorola - Ogilvy & Mather US

The Passion Pictures animator and director Pete Candeland directed the new commercial for the Motorola E398 and C650 phones for Ogilvy & Mather in New York. The global ad uses a mixture of live action and 2D animation and shows how the new Motorola phones can play MP3 files in surround sound. The effect this music has on a town square is startling: it turns cars into customised low- riders, three twentysomething men into animated caricatures and an elderly couple into a blinged-up duo dripping with gold jewellery.

Client: Motorola

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Writer: Dan Kroeger

Art director: Monica Escobar

Illustrator: David Foldvari

Director: Pete Candeland

Production company: Passion Pictures, London

Li-Ning - Leo Burnett China

Li-Ning, the Chinese gold former medal-winning gymnast and multimillionaire sports clothing manufacturer, is promoting his range of sportswear with an Olympics-themed print and TV campaign. A 45-second TV spot features the athletes Liu Ya'nan, Zhang Jing-song and Fan Bin from the Chinese national Olympic team. The sportsmen are shot in slow-motion against the backdrop of an adoring crowd and accompanied by a voiceover that says: "We share the same dream, because we are all made in China."

Client: Li-Ning

Agency: Leo Burnett, Beijing

Writer: Charlotte Luo

Art directors: Taro Zhang, Babby Zhou, Apple Jiang

Director: Li Wei-ran

Production company: Perfect Life, Beijing