The World: Milan - Binaghi replaces Rota as OMD's managing director

Roberto Binaghi has quit as the chairman and chief executive of MindShare Italy to join Omnicom's Italian branch of OMD as its managing director.

Binaghi, who will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the office, will take over the duties of Isabella Rota, who has vacated the position to take the role of chief executive of the newly formed Omnicom Media Group. Rota's role will include overseeing the launch of PHD in Italy.

Omnicom Media Group was created by the company as a major global expansion of its PHD network to offer clients an alternative media network to its flagship OMD brand.

Binaghi's replacement as the chief executive of MindShare Italia will be Stefano Sala, the former chief executive of Media Insight.