The World: Mumbai - Indian ad association discourages third-party work

India's agencies have been advised by their trade body not to take part in any surveys conducted by pitch consultants.

The move follows news of a proposed survey by the R3 consultancy.

The Advertising Agency Association of India sent an advisory note to members asking them to support its decision not to allow third-party interests to be created in the industry which, it concluded, would be detrimental to its interests. Madhukar Kamath, the AAAI president, claimed the action was not directly against R3; rather, members had just been asked not to take part in any survey involving a third party.

Greg Paull, R3's Asia-Pacific principal, said: "Perhaps we've been unfortunate in our timing to enter India. We set up base late here and other consultants who have been here before seem to have muddied the waters."