The World: New York - CBS faces fine over 2004 Superbowl incident

CBS is paying a $550,000 fine as a result of Janet Jackson's controversial "costume malfunction" during the 2004 US Superbowl.

However, the broadcaster is only paying the fine as a pre-requisite for legal action, and plans to challenge the Federal Communications Commission's ruling that the breast-baring incident was "indecent".

"We disagree strongly with the FCC's conclusions and will continue to pursue all remedies necessary to affirm our legal rights," CBS said in a statement.

The fine comes after several years of stepped-up indecency enforcement by the FCC. Since 2003, the agency has proposed $12.3 million in fines for broadcast indecency. In the eight years before that, total proposed fines were less than $100,000 a year.