WORLD: MY PORTFOLIO - Michel Tikhomiroff

Michel Tikhomiroff is one of Brazilian advertising's young rising stars. At 29 years old, he has directed several award-winning television ads and has also started his first feature film.

Tikhomiroff was born in Rio de Janeiro, but has spent many years in both Europe and the US, where he graduated from film school at New York University.

After graduating, he spent three months at SPCF in Barcelona before moving to Sao Paulo.

Tikhomiroff is clearly following in his father's footsteps - Joao Daniel has received 38 Lions at Cannes. They work under the same roof at JODAF Films.

Tikhomiroff won a golden Lion for the 15-second ad called "suckling pig", which he directed for Neogama BBH. The same piece also won a gold medal at the Ojo de Iberoamerica this year.

Other favourites include a film for the delivery company Tam Express.

"I received a lot of compliments from people in the industry for this piece," he says.

Tikhomiroff has also directed for Umbro. Unlike other football ads, which star the world's top players, Tikhomiroff's Umbro piece has a minimalist quality. "In addition to the realism, the sound track creates tension," he says.

He also directed "smiles" for Telefonica, honouring the residents of New York after the 9/11 attacks. And he won a bronze Lion for "goalkeeper", an ad for Super Bonder created by DM9DDB.

Despite the success of JODAF, the Tikhomiroffs recently decided to take their production company to a new level, creating Mixer, which brings together creative professionals from a broad range of fields.

In addition to his plans to direct a feature film, Tikhomiroff also plans to begin working in TV, with RadarTV, one of the companies that is part of Mixer. TNN, which is also part of Mixer, also plans to launch a travel-TV station that will be broadcast on cable networks throughout Latin America.

JODAF has also teamed up with the directors Caca Diegues and Vicente Amorim to create the production company Luz. "This is a fantastic new phase in my career," Tikhomiroff states.

- Michel Tikhomiroff was talking to Elizabeth Johnson.