Pep Bosch directed his first short feature at the age of 21 and moved to Rome, where he studied script-writing and direction under the filmmaker Ermanno Olmi.

On returning to his home city of Barcelona, he cut his teeth shooting the background for more than 30 karaoke videos. He also directed a documentary about the circus, a TV pilot and two music videos.

After shooting two test commercials which circulated around Barcelona's ad agencies, Bosch's career took off. His work has since received worldwide recognition including awards at Cannes with a gold Lion for Volkswagen in 2001 and two silvers for the US home decorating store The Great Indoors in 2002.

"I truly played out my fantasies during the filming of 'Once', a campaign for the Spanish lottery. The spots were made up of a series of pieces to camera which were testimonies from the lottery-winning super-rich, bragging about what they had spent their money on. It was a novelty for me to shoot in such luxurious surroundings as golf clubs and on a Sultan's boat moored in Marbella harbour. The ads were hilarious and totally ironic in tone. We shot one ad in a spa which was really popular with retired Spanish stars who went there to make themselves feel a little younger and more good looking. When they saw themselves on the ad, they wanted to kill us!

"One of my favourite campaigns was for The Great Indoors. It was my first visit to Los Angeles and all the characters in these spots are quite crazy and obsessive about something. The dramatic locations and lighting helped to make these spots surprising.

"Audi A3's 'babysitter' was one of the greatest scripts I have ever worked with. It's about a guy confessing to the camera and we used a doll, rather than a baby in the main scene, creating a weird on-screen effect.

"The most beautiful part of the film-making process is to develop the characters and story in the script. If you can get to the heart of your character, then you will always find the right tone and style for the ad."

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Pep Bosch was talking to Rachel Nouchi.