Hakle - Young & Rubicam Switzerland

The launch of a new balsam-treated version of a premium toilet paper brand is not exactly a brief to get the creative director's pulse racing. But this ad for Hakle uses buttocks galore to create a woman's face to convey the key brand message of facial care for your bottom. It's a technique which has been used, albeit more controversially, in the art world, when Marcus Harvey produced a portrait of Myra Hindley made up of children's hand prints.

Client: Hakle-Kimberly

Agency: Advico Y&R, Zurich

Art director: Roland Scotoni

Writer: Hansjoerg Zuercher

Artwork: Julien Vonier

BMW - Jung von Matt Germany

BMW is an occasional advertiser in Playboy magazine, so this print execution "ears" from Jung von Matt in Hamburg is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original men's magazine. It combines the traditional Playboy logo with the pleasure of putting your foot down in a top-of-the-range BMW: the bunny ears are flattened by the speed of the machine. This humorous spot shows that the most memorable print ads are always firmly rooted in simplicity. It appears in the current issue of Playboy in Germany.

Client: BMW Germany

Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg

Art director: Rolf Leger

Writer: Michael Meyer

HypoVereinsbank - Wieden & Kennedy, The Netherlands

HypoVereinsbank is a German bank with a strong association with Bayern Munich football team. But it's not a straightforward sponsorship a la Vodafone and Manchester United as the bank actually manages the team's finances. To push the link between banking and football, the ads promote the FC Bayern Savings Card, where, for every ten home goals the team scores, the interest rate on the card rises by 0.1 per cent. The main character, Max, is an obsessive Bayern fan who maximises every opportunity to help the team score and so boost his savings. The ad comprises TV, print, radio and online. In the print ads, Max says "goals are much sweeter when they're earning you interest" and "you can't convert goals into money until you sign on the dotted line".

Client: HypoVereinsbank, Munich

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam

Art director: Sezay Altinok

Writer: Carlos Furnari

Photographer: Anja Frers

Production company: Trigger Happy Productions, Berlin

SAVE - DDB, Belgium

This print ad aims to ensure that motorists check that their children are safely strapped into the back of the car. The execution is for an association launched by parents whose children were harmed in car accidents. The association's aim is to reduce the number of child victims as well as to provide support and advice to parents. Your eyes are drawn to the "baby on board" sticker which you realise is adorning a hearse, not a family car.

Client: SAVE (action for road safety)

Agency: DDB, Brussels

Art directors/writers: Gregory Titeca, Mohamed Oudaha

Photographer: Gregor Collienne