Where are the world's creative hotspots?

Marketing highlights global creativity in this interactive map.

Where are the world's creative hotspots?

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In Australia in January, domestic-care brand Ajax released an online tool designed to help consumers clean up their social-media feeds. After connecting to a user’s Twitter account, the Social Wipes tool scans all followers to detect spam bots, while on Facebook it aggregates all page "likes" so that they can be easily unfollowed.

Gareth Collins

Based on recent international awards shows, and with campaigns such as "Dumb ways to die", you’d be justified in thinking that the Australian marketing and advertising industry is a creative hotbed... Read more»


Melissa/Magnum and Embratur

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Kunal Sinha

Fly Garage is an innovation incubator located in the creative district of Palermo, Buenos Aires. It’s both a physical and mental space where we create digitally enabled ways of connecting our power brands with people... Read more »


Max Factor

Beauty brand launches anti-smog competition

In February, Max Factor unveiled a campaign on social network Sina Weibo to find the best make-up looks to wear with an anti-pollution face mask. In the "Smog-busters" competition, Chinese women were invited to upload photographs of their eye make-up while wearing one of the masks. The competition winner received Max Factor cosmetics and was featured in Marie Claire China.

Kunal Sinha

When a civilisation dating back to the Neolithic era becomes the playground for the world’s foremost architects – Zaha Hadid, Lord Foster and Rem Koolhaas, to name a few... Read more »

Denmark and Sweden

Peter Espersen

Design and creativity are inherently Danish. A lot of the senior people atLego are Scandinavian, so you do feel that in the business. Read more »

A Non Smoking Generation


Not-for-profit’s anti-smoking psychologists counsel gamers

In February, A Non Smoking Generation – a not-for-profit organisation working to prevent young people from smoking – set up a virtual clinic in online video game Minecraft. At the game’s "Fear Clinic", players could spend time discussing smoking with a trained psychologist, who was online for three hours daily. The Clinic was live on Minecraft over a two-week period.

Eastern Europe

Brad Doble

Across the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe, an emphasis is placed on getting the message across to a chosen audience. This affects how creativity is used – messages must be simple, and humour goes a long way. Read more »


Javier Sanchez Lamelas

The problem with talking about "Europeans" as one group is that they have been fighting each other since the Romans. Read more »


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UK & Ireland

Nostalgic packaging created for Alzheimer’s sufferers



Retailer responds to tongue-in-cheek Twitter complaint with humour


Anand Narang

In the past year, India has made it into many "Top Five" lists for the first time. It has more than 215m internet users, and is expected to overtake the US by mid-2014 to become the world’s second-biggest user base... Read more »


Mobile phone brand hosts online murder-mystery contest

To promote the launch of the Lumia 1020 handset, Nokia ran an interactive competition in India during December 2013 asking fans to solve a series of online murder mysteries. By logging into the competition website with a Facebook or Twitter account, users could become "Zoom Agents" and attempt to solve one of three different crimes. The first person to solve each murder won a Lumia 1020, with runners-up receiving Lumia 925 and 625 handsets.


Roy Larke

Japan is one of the most creative markets in the world. Shops are stuffed with product of all kinds, and ranges have burgeoned over the past 20 years as overseas brands have discovered that Japan isn’t all that hard to work in after all. <ahref="/article/1295854?HAYILC=MARglobalmap">Read more »


Ultra-compact car designed for older drivers

In September 2012, automotive brand Town EV unveiled the ZEVe, a single-seater, electric prototype vehicle designed to provide a convenient means of transport for older drivers. Priced at ¥800,000 (US$10,000), the ZEVe is a compact, aluminium-framed vehicle with a maximum speed of 50kph.

Middle East

Said Baaghil

The Middle East is full of potential in terms of creativity, but hampered by a lack of opportunity for creative work that is free from traditions and other barriers. Read more »


Soft-drink’s marketing campaign features edible advertising

In the first quarter of 2013, Fanta relaunched in the Middle East with an edible ad that was printed on rice paper and infused with Fanta flavouring. The full-page ad appeared in local magazines and publications during the campaign. Fanta also installed sensor-equipped retail displays that emitted the aroma of the beverage, and launched a Facebook app that encouraged fans to record "slurping" soundbites.

New Zealand

Abe Dew

From a global perspective, the defining aspect of New Zealand’s creative communications industry is its exceptionalism: exceptionally small and exceptionally far away. <ahref="/article/1295854?HAYILC=MARglobalmap">Read more »


Waterproof Walkman is packaged inside a water bottle

In February, Sony launched a campaign to promote its NZ$99 NWZ-W270 Walkman Sports MP3 player in New Zealand. The device is fully waterproof, and has been designed with swimmers in mind. Sony created packaging to display the player in a bottle of water, proving its waterproof credentials. The "bottled Walkman" was put on sale in vending machines at gyms and swimming pools.


Media Markt

Electronics retailer unveils shoppable billboards

In August 2013, German consumer-electronics chain Media Markt unveiled shoppable billboards in Moscow’s Vystavochnaya Metro station. Via NFC, consumers could use their smartphones to order products such as cameras, TVs and computers by scanning QR codes displayed on billboards alongside images of the items. Shoppers could have purchases delivered to their home or a nearby Media Markt store of their choice, paying by cash or card in-store or via the courier.

Peter Knapp

Russia’s consumer market has experienced turbocharged growth since the end of the Soviet Union, and is predicted to be the biggest in Europe by 2020. Read more »

South Africa

Philip Gladman

Creativity in Africa is fascinating. Creative agencies in South Africa are pretty much what you’d expect in London, Buenos Aires or other creative hotbeds... Read more »


World Food Day celebrated with edible billboard stunt

South African canned-food brand Koo marked World Food Day in October 2013 by unveiling an edible billboard. The hoarding was filled with more than 2000 Koo cans, which passers-by were invited to remove using a specially designed chute. Koo also partnered packaged-goods group Tiger Brands to distribute food parcels to the community via The African Children Feeding Scheme.

United States

Tom Webster (partner & creative) and Marissa Shrum (strategy)

"Culture and branding are intimately connected… Brands are constantly looking for a connection to culture but that thing to which they’re trying to connect is constantly changing. So every brand is in the process of rediscovery... Read more »


Restaurant chain’s TV series champions sustainable agriculture

In February, US restaurant chain Chipotle launched an online TV series. Available to watch on streaming service Hulu, the four Farmed and Dangerous episodes are framed around the importance of sustainable farming. The humorous take on US-style drama series makes no direct references to Chipotle, but shows do include ads for the brand.



Car-maker launches interactive gaming campaign at cinemas

Last November, Mazda rolled out an interactive film experience in Canada, enabling moviegoers to "drive" its Mazda 3 model on the big screen. Before the movie screening, viewers were encouraged to download an app that allowed them to use their mobile devices to steer the car around a racetrack. A real-time leader board pitted players against each other, and participants could win prizes including popcorn and movie tickets.



Sportswear campaign promotes urban running

Launched in October 2013, Nike’s Reconquista Bogotácampaign encouraged the citizens of Colombia’s capital to rediscover their city streets through running. Participants were asked to share their journeys on social media and via the Nike+ mobile app, and could earn free T-shirts and badges for visiting landmarks or unusual locations. The campaign culminated in a 10km run through the city’s Simón Bolívar Park.


Avon/New Balance

Beauty brand hosts charity marathon

In October 2013, Avon Mexico hosted a marathon to raise funds to buy wigs for cancer charity Casa de la Amistad, in association with sportswear brand New Balance. The campaign featured Mexican actress Adriana Lumina. Supporters could make a donation to the initiative by "buying" kilometres of her training runs, each of which was priced at 1000 pesos (about US$78). Participants could also donate 30cm of their hair for the wigs by having a haircut at Chez Moi Hair Studio. Customers who donated their locks were eligible for a 50% discount on the haircut and a free cup of coffee.



Solar-powered mobile classroom increases internet access

In May 2013, Dell partnered non-profit Computer Aid International to launch the ZubaBox in Nigeria. Equipped with 10 computers, the solar-powered lab and mobile classroom is designed to increase students’access to technology and the internet. Installed at a high school in Lagos, the ZubaBox is powered by roof-mounted solar panels, meaning that the classroom can function with a limited electrical infrastructure and could even be used in rural areas.