Worley quits role at Rose Hackney

Stephen Worley, the managing director of Rose Hackney Barber, is

leaving the production company after seven years.

He will be replaced by Matthew Brown and Tim Katz, who will become joint

managing directors. Brown and Katz, who are both producers, have worked

together since 1997.

The split follows recent differences of opinion over the future

direction of the company, which have been described as irresolvable.

However, both sides say the parting is an amicable one.

Worley, who has not yet secured his next job, stepped up to replace John

Hackney as managing director when Hackney retired in February 1999. He

joined the company as a producer for co-founder Graham Rose in 1994 and

became a partner in 1997.

Worley has been credited with increasing the outfit's directorial roster

as well as being behind the launch of RHB, the company's promo


Worley joined Rose Hackney from Swan Films, a company he founded with

the stills photographer John Swannel in March 1988. Their seven-year

partnership was terminated in 1993 when Swannel left the company.

'During my time I've signed the majority of directors that are now

there. At the end of the day the partners and I disagreed over the

future strategy of the company. But it's amicable, and seven years is a

long time. There are other opportunities in the industry that I'm now

speaking to people about,' he said.

Matthew Brown, the joint managing director of Rose Hackney, added: 'It's

great for Tim and I because we've got the possibility of taking the

company on and actively pursuing more creative scripts for directors. We

aren't renowned for winning awards and that's where we want to be. We

want to be more aggressive and make that our prime target.'

Rose Hackney Productions was formed in September 1981 by Rose and


The company changed its name to Rose Hackney Barber in 1995 when its

star director, Daniel Barber, became a partner.