WPP's OgilvyOne and MindShare in global digital media launch

MindShare Worldwide and OgilvyOne Worldwide are launching a joint venture company that they claim will be the world's first global digital media operation.

MOne Worldwide will bring together both companies' respective digital media arms, mDigital and OgilvyInteractive:Media, under one brand.

The new 50:50 joint venture company aims to provide a more seamless service for mutual WPP group clients, such as IBM, Ford and American Express, but will also pitch for third-party business.

MOne will offer a broad array of digital media services in the one-to-one area, including interactive TV, e-mail marketing, online advertising and broadband. In some markets such as the US, mOne will also include direct media strategy. It will work closely with both MindShare and OgilvyOne in all markets.

MOne Worldwide will be headed by Nasreen Madhany, who is currently the media director at OgilvyOne Worldwide. The UK operation will be overseen by Richard Collins, the managing director of OgilvyInteractive:Media.

The MindShare UK chief executive, Kelly Clark, said: "Both MindShare and OgilvyOne have built extremely strong businesses in the digital media arena. By bringing these complementary businesses together, we are creating a market-leading force."