Wrigley campaign celebrates importance of confidence in everyday moments

Wrigley is launching a new campaign for Extra, "Time to shine", with a roadblock slot across all UK commercial TV channels this Sunday.

The campaign, which debuted in the US and China in May, depicts people ready to seize the opportunity in ordinary moments. These include taking a penalty in a football game, sitting down next to a cute stranger on a bus, and doing a runner on your own wedding.

Created by BBDO shops Energy BBDO (Chicago), CLM BBDO (Paris) and BBDO South China, the set of ads consists of three 20-second spots, each focusing on a single protagonist, and a 60-second film combining them all.

BBDO chief creative officer Andrés Ordóñez said: "We’re excited about the new evolution of the brand because it brings Extra back to a simple, clear message.

"‘Time to shine’ is based on a universal human insight about confidence, which lends itself to evocative storytelling viewers can relate to. Extra becomes a meaningful character in the narrative as it helps people feel at their best."