Wrigley's Extra "The Extra Smile Back Project" by BBDO

Wrigley's Extra, the chewing-gum brand, has jumped aboard the cause-related marketing bandwagon with a campaign to educate families on the importance of good oral health.

BBDO created the campaign, with input from CLM BBDO and Energy BBDO. As part of the campaign, Wrigley, which is owned by confectionery giant Mars, will donate money to Action for Children for every pack of Extra sugarfree gum sold in the UK during the eight-week campaign, which launched on 23 May. The money raised will be used to create the charity’s first oral-health workshops for UK families, endorsed by the Oral Health Foundation. Wrigley has also commissioned a children’s book, called The Lost Smile, from author Joseph Coelho and illustrator Sheena Dempsey. Copies will be distributed for free at Co-operative stores in parts of the UK where tooth decay is endemic. Elsewhere, it will be sold for £3.99 with proceeds split between Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation.