WSJ goes compact in Europe and Asia

In its first redesign in five years, The Wall Street Journal's Asian and European editions will go compact this month, backed by a multimillion-pound ad campaign.

Launching on 17 October, The Asian Wall Street Journal will be renamed The Wall Street Journal Asia. It and its European counterpart will also receive a new masthead.

This will feature a watermark behind The Wall Street Journal name, highlighting the fact that the newspapers and online edition will be more integrated.

The advertising, by Berlin Cameron/Red Cell, will include a teaser element breaking this week. The bulk of the campaign will break the week of 17 October on TV, online and in print. The work will promote The Wall Street Journal's print and online package as a 24/7 news source.

The European and Asian versions of The Wall Street Journal are the first pan-regional dailies to switch to a compact format in both regions.