WTCS uses 'blip-verts' for Marstons TV ads

Walsh Trott Chick Smith has created a series of "blip-verts

to help Marstons Pedigree bitter stand out in commercial breaks.

Manning Gottlieb OMD bought the air time in ten-second chunks, before splitting them down into three-second and four-second slots.

The surreal black-and-white ads highlight that Marstons is the only beer brewed in wood. Each film features an item made of wood, such as a lightbulb or an anchor.

A slowed-down voice over delivers the "only beer is better in wood" endline, giving the spots an eerie feel.

The campaign was written by Dave Trott, art directed by Gordon Smith and directed by Paul Arden through Arden Sutherland-Dodd. The director of photography was Henry Braham.

John McGeough, the broadcast director at Manning Gottlieb OMD, which also handled media planning, said: "Blip-verts creatively allow for a unique positioning, moving Pedigree away from the old-style ale advertising. As a media idea, it also gives us the chance to deliver high frequency."

John Steel, the director of ale brands at Marstons' parent, Wolverhampton & Dudley, said: "It's good to see the commercial stations demonstrating flexibility. This idea allows us to maximise the effectiveness of our media spend."

Trott, the WTCS executive creative director, said: "We are blowing apart conventional media by taking ten seconds and sprinkling it across other people's commercials. We're spending less than anyone else, yet have more ads in that same commercial break."

The ads are the first new work that WTCS has produced for Pedigree since retaining the business after a review last year that involved Soul and English.