WWF raises climate change awareness with 'nature phone box'

Phone box filled with flowers goes on tour to raise climate change awareness.

WWF: native plants used in 'nature phone box' campaign
WWF: native plants used in 'nature phone box' campaign

WWF is encouraging people to speak up against climate change with a travelling phone box.

The activation will be filled with native wild plants and the natural sounds of birdsong. When using the booth visitors will hear a message about the climate and nature emergency in the UK.

Passersby will be encouraged to step inside and leave their individual voice messages. These recordings will be delivered to politicians.

The "nature phone box" will be in Brighton on 19 June, Manchester on 21 June, Leeds on 22 June and Birmingham on 24 June. It will then appear at the public lobby for the climate and the environment in London on 26 June.

Fanny Calder, director of campaigns at WWF, said: "Our travelling phone box will allow people to record personal messages telling MPs what they feel about the catastrophic loss of wildlife in the UK and the looming climate crisis."

Undercurrent is delivering the project.