WWF "Space to live" by Uncommon Creative Studio

WWF showcases the importance of home in the wilderness preservation's Christmas spot.

The ad begins as a group of children leave a music class at night.

Walking through the desolate streets, one girl notices that cars have been toppled and a stall has been damaged before finding an elephant, visibly afraid in a play park.  

"We would all be lost without a home, let’s protect theirs," the ad declares.

It was directed by The Shirley Chipchase Collective through MPC Creative, and media is handled by Dentsu (Vizeum & Merkle).

WWF notes that since 1979, African elephants have disappeared from over 50% of their home-range.

Last year’s stop-motion Christmas ad, "Adopt a better future", depicted the challenges facing wildlife as a result of mass deforestation.


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