Wyclef Jean stars in Virgin Mobile ad

The American rap star and producer Wyclef Jean is fronting Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R's new national television and cinema campaign for Virgin Mobile.

The campaign is aimed at Britain's younger mobile phone users and continues the long-running idea that Virgin Mobile is the network that aims to do the right thing by its customers.

It also continues to push Virgin Mobile's offering as the network with one simple tariff which enables customers to pick up free minutes, without having to commit to a contract.

The campaign's strategy is looking to focus on engaging the youth audience through Channel 4 and satellite channels. Forthcoming press work will run in The Sun, the Daily Star and core youth titles such as Heat and More.

The campaign opens on the former Fugees star signing what he thinks is an autograph. However, it transpires to be a marriage contract to a deranged redneck fan. The spot then follows Jean's descent into trailer park marriage hell, with a buck-toothed wife and several hillbilly stepchildren taunting him: "You ain't my real Daddy.

It ends with the missive: "Be careful what you sign."

Alison Pye, Virgin Mobile's brand manager, said: "Getting Wyclef is a real coup for us - he's a movie star in the making. 'You ain't my real Daddy' is unlike any other mobile advertising."

The campaign was written by Richard Beesening and art directed by Martha Riley. It was directed by Doug Nicol at Partizan. Media planning and buying is through Manning Gottlieb OMD.