Y&R Europe on alert as Fallon appointed to Citibank account

Fallon has picked up the lion's share of the £10 million

pan-European Citibank business.

The agency has been appointed to work on Citibank's brand positioning

and brand advertising.

While the incumbent, Young & Rubicam Europe, remains on Citibank's

roster, insiders expect the entire business will soon shift to Fallon.

The agency handles Citbank's advertising in the US.

Fallon's brief is expected to involve supplying Citibank with a clear

positioning in the crowded financial services market. Citibank is not

known as a consumer brand in the UK and Fallon's work is expected to

drive the brand outside of the business-to-business market.

Etienne Boisrond, the chairman and chief executive of Y&R Europe, the

Middle East and Africa, insisted that Y&R Europe was still on the


He said: "We remain the agency on all their other activities."

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R has not produced much work for the

company and Ian Ferguson-Brown, who had run the Citibank business, left

the company recently.

A spokesman for corporate affairs, Citigroup Europe, said: "What I

understood as of last week is that they were talking to one of the other

agencies in our worldwide roster about a project for next year."